12 Of The Most Overrated Vacation Hot Spots

We’ve all been there: Scouring the internet to find the MUST-SEES for your next trip, calling out to friends and family to recommend their favorite places in cities around the world… This is called hyping a place up and often times, it’s nothing like we imagined. You’ve probably already thought of an example of your own underwhelming moment, but just in case, here are a few of mine.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame, USA
We’ve seen it in enough movies and TV shows that it’s practically impossible that it will live up to our glorified expectations. I was surprised to find a rundown street of souvenir shops, instead of the magical place I expected.

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2. Pisa, Italy
Yes, pretending to hold up a leaning tower is HILARIOUS and never gets old, but the steep price to climb the leaning tower and the surprisingly lackluster view is definitely not worth the trip there.

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3. The London Eye, UK
I waited in line for three hours only to be told that eye was closing. Awesome, eh? I’ve since been told that the novelty wears off after a couple minutes, and then you’re left stranded in a pod with a bunch of strangers.

Facebook | Kai Pflaume
4. Bondi Beach, Australia
TV shows and notorious incidents of tourists that need saving have made this beach a must-see. Reality check though! Two million visitors a year is a lot to keep a beach in good condition. This is a country of beaches people — there are more to visit.

Instagram | @eddy220529

5. Kuta, Bali
Bali is one of my favorite places on this planet; Kuta is the exact opposite. A town completely overrun with tourists, you forget what country you are in. Popular activities include going to beaches that don’t hold a candle to other ones on the island.

Facebook | Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap
6. Venice, Italy
Venice is a place I really, really want to like. It’s a city of canals and singing gondoliers. It’s also a city that is made up of constant dead ends and that closes before sundown. No sugarcoating, it was boring and frankly a little smelly.

Instagram | @maalawi89

7. Temple Bar, Ireland
Let’s face it, you’re going to go. I wouldn’t even fathom encouraging you not to visit this area of Dublin. Be prepared for overpriced drinks and massive crowds though. You’ve been warned.

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8. The Beach, Thailand
Leonardo DiCaprio once happened upon a secluded paradise. That is NOT what you are going to find at Ko Phi Phi Le. Your boat will pull up with about 20 other boats as you lay on your tiny corner of sand, and fight over which spot cuts the most amount of tourists out of the photo.

Instagram | @nikaa_610
9. Little Mermaid Statue, Denmark
I searched for hours to find this and it turns out I was passing it all along. You can imagine how underwhelmed I was when I eventually I noticed it there, tiny in the distance.

Instagram | @aishuarjun
10. Cancun, Mexico
Specifically the infamous nightlife scene that people have been telling me stories about my whole adult life. I finally went and perhaps I was too old (being over 17) because I did not see the appeal in foam parties.

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11. The Mona Lisa, France
I thought the Mona Lisa was going to be EPIC! There’s no one to blame here except myself and my high expectations. I have never been so underwhelmed before. It was a crowd of heads and a teeny photo in the distance.

Reddit | Paver
12. South Beach, Miami, USA
I constantly felt like I was not cool enough to be there. Overpriced, dirty beaches and bars that require (and once requested of me) to wear less clothing. There’s also the constant fear that a Lamborghini will run you over on it’s hourly driving loop.

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Agree? Disagree? Let me know your most underwhelming travel experiences because it’s nice to be disappointed in groups.

Source : Diply