15 Reasons Why Husky Men Are A Woman’s Kryptonite

Men can breathe easier now knowing that women are actually more inclined to date guys with a little extra cushion. Yes, that’s right! Husky men aren’t given all the credit they’re due—and it’s about time they got the praise they deserve. (We’re looking at you, Seth Rogen!) Here, we list 15 reasons why chubby men are a woman’s weakness.

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He’s confident and comfortable with himself. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who is accepting of himself. He doesn’t feel the need to change for anyone.

He’s not superficial. Since it’s pretty much established that looks don’t mean everything to him, the pressure is off for you to constantly try to look your best around him.

He won’t shame you when you gain an extra pound or two. Go ahead, eat that second (or third) slice of pizza.

He’s basically your own personal life-sized teddy bear. Cuddling into all his soft spots will feel like you’re snuggling in a sea of pillows.

He’ll last longer in bed. Research done at a university in Turkey found that men with bigger bellies lasted 7.3 minutes longer on average than other men. Eff yeah!

He’s not obsessed with healthy eating. And you thought your obsession with burritos was bad.

He knows how to have fun. Chances are, he’s not constantly wrapped up in what other people think of him, so he lets loose without fear of people judging him.

He’s not self-obsessed. He won’t spend hours primping in front of a mirror before you go out, or send you random gym selfies throughout the day.

He can easily pick you up, thus fulfilling half of your wildest fantasies. You’ve always wanted to reenact that scene in your head where the hunky fireman pulls you out of that burning building.

You’ll have an endless supply of oversized t-shirts to sleep in. There’s something about sleeping in your man’s oversized tees that makes your sleep just a little bit more soundly.

He’s sensitive. If he’s been husky his entire life, there’s a high possibility that he got bullied as a kid, which means he’s probably really in tune with his emotions.

More importantly, he’s happy. Researchers at McMaster University found that people with the fat gene FTO showed less signs of depression. There’s a reason why the word “jolly” is synonymous with being husky.

You’ll feel more comfortable getting naked in front of him. You don’t judge his body, and he probably won’t criticize yours either.

He doesn’t judge your bad eating habits. He’ll welcome your late night puffy cheetos craving with open arms (and an open stomach).

He might outlive you. This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Still, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, people with higher BMIs had a six percent decreased risk of death.