16 People Who Found A Way To Post It

It’s easy to forget how much needs to happen for some of the internet’s funniest pics to be possible.

Sure, sometimes people use their talent and wit to craft something funny, but it’s way easier to take a photo of some wacky circumstances and inform people that you’re screaming.

So I think we should appreciate what the world has given the lucky folks on this list.

Maybe it’ll stop throwing tantrums that way.

1. If this mom hadn’t fallen asleep as soon as this photo was taken, we never would have had this moment.
Yup, that’s totally what happened, which is why her arm isn’t in the shot. It’s a good thing the bed bugs are such shutterbugs.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho
2. If dear Kristina here wasn’t equally bad at grammar and understanding explanations, we’d never have been treated to this majestic exchange.
And if she wasn’t so endlessly positive about the whole thing, it just wouldn’t have been the same.

Eat your heart out, Kimmy Schmidt.

Reddit | Hamburbler
3. Think about it, how often do we get random dudes texting us with offers to see their chest hair?
I’m sure whoever received this feels very lucky about their one-in-a-million opportunity.

Also, they must be so glad that “I don’t even know you” apparently means “yes.”

Reddit | jbles18
4. If this person wasn’t so weirdly OK with how this baffling mess turned out, it would be just another bad tattoo.
But not only did this somehow give the customer exactly what they wanted, but it also told their friends which artist not to visit.

Reddit | Keep_it_legal
5. If this young lady hadn’t just posted about her love for the mug, we’d just say, “well, that sucks.”
But now, there’s something oddly poetic about seeing how mean the fates can be in real time.

May that mug rest in peace.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets
6. Ah, bless the brain that farted so perfectly that it thought this monstrosity of a question made any sense.
Even without the impossible answer choices, I’d love to know which major you’d have to pick for “what is a microphone” to be an acceptable question.

Instagram | @memelif3
7. Haha, what are the odds of all four of these guys turning up in the perfect colors they’d need for this bit?
And we know it wasn’t on purpose because none of them can face the camera now that they realize whose style they’re copying.

Twitter | @JaayPb
8. Aw man, you don’t achieve this kind of perfect irony on purpose.
And it actually works even better if she’s not really a lifeguard because it happened on the exact day she picked this outfit.

What a wacky and not at all frightening coincidence.

Instagram | @mememang
9. Part of me suspects this was planned, but I just really want to believe that it wasn’t.
You know what? It perfectly sums up student life without using the word “debt.” Nobody who’s doing that on purpose can ever resist dropping the D-bomb.

Instagram | @thebestoftumblrofficial
10. Unless she’s a wizard, there is no way Hayley could have expected the marker not to wash off on this thing.
You say the ball is recent and the texts are fake? Well…I don’t believe you, but I have no way of proving otherwise.

So there!

11. I don’t know about y’all, but a biker happening upon me is pretty unusual all on its own.
But a biker with an adorable fondness for piggyback rides? Granted, I don’t know what goes on in those clubhouses, but that seems rarer than leprechauns.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x
12. You know, I’m gonna reserve my amazement until I hear from a Chipotle employee about this.
Let’s just say that the chance of them facepalming and saying “it happens more often than you think” isn’t something I want to bet against.

Instagram | @will_ent
13. Apparently, this little girl only wanted this book because it had a picture of a dragon on it.
And if that was just a ruse to get her hands on it, then I think she’s really gonna like what she finds in there.

Reddit | Mat_the_Duck_Lord
14. Wow, how amazing that she just naturally happened to end up in that position.
Actually, I do recall my dentist saying that putting your leg on the toilet seat and weirdly contorting your arm is the best way to brush your teeth.

Gotta fight those cavities!

Reddit | mrrich990
15. But that’s not as bizarrely coincidental as this one. The snap went off by itself, huh? That’s so weird!
And I suppose that when this girl went to delete it, her finger slipped and she hit the dog filter. Will the wonders never cease?

16. Haha, the circumstances behind this photo are so wacky that I don’t even understand them!
Did she upload the wrong photos? Is the fact that she did her eyelashes irrelevant? Who knows!

That’s just that crazy rollercoaster we call life for you.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

Source : Diply