16 People Who Really Need A Three Day Weekend

Soul-crushing coworkers, bad bosses, boredom-induced existential crises — all part of the regular work week that you slug through with the expectation that when the weekend comes, it will wipe away the foul scourge that is Monday to Friday. In the favorable case that the upcoming weekend is a long one, you have even more to look forward to, so to get you in the mood (not that you need it), here are people who, like you, need a long weekend more than anything!

1. This guy who can’t stop thinking about how badly he needs a drink

reddit | Mungo_Clump
2. This kid who can’t handle one more day of story time

reddit | perplex1

3. And of course, if anyone needs a three day weekend, it’s Jose

FX Tribune

4. Just imagine 30-plus kids chanting the lyrics to “Bad Blood” at you while you’re trying to talk about the Eastern Block…

Tumblr | ragesyndrome
5. This person who took one wrong turn


6. This worker who’s sick of dealing with dog poop.

reddit | Giovani_Salami
7. Joe’s always ready for the weekend

reddit | professorhakase_

8. This officer, who clearly had a rough shift

reddit | QuasarsRcool
9. This kid who’s realizing it’s only Wednesday

reddit | redditismybible

10. This person who the gods have clearly cursed

reddit | Jrei7540

11. This guy who might get an extended long weekend…without pay…

Instagram | @dtuckethead
12. This office worker who’s ready to start as soon as the clock hits 5

reddit | Maximus_Gainius

13. This person who appears to have started their long weekend early

reddit | missing_the_point_

14. When you’re so alone the tire doesn’t even want to be with you anymore.

imgur | mvp0407
15. When no one likes you except sharks.

Chron | Daniel Amezaga

16. No more tears, only dreams now.

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