16 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Had Their Back

We all come across things we’ve never seen before, but did you know that there is a place on the internet devoted entirely to answering the question, “What is this thing?”

Well, there is! In fact, it’s found over on Reddit. New inquiries are being posted all the time, but I’ve collected 16 of the weirdest and most interesting.

1. When this user’s friends picked up their laptops at a hotel, the machines had a strange thing glued to them.
The commenters identified the devices as RFID stickers used to track customers’ items.

Reddit | taste_of_peanut
2. Some people post items for friends or family, like this weird tool gifted to a friend of the user.
A number of commenters correctly deduced that it’s an old-fashioned chopper for food and nuts. Ye Olde Slapchop.

Reddit | klamathman

3. “Found on my friend’s bed” is not how one wants to start one of these questions.
Luckily, these are hibiscus seeds that were likely deposited in the bedroom by crafty mice.

Reddit | Bridge4th
4. Another strange tool found in an old drawer turns out to be used for pulling broken shotgun shells from the barrel.
Which sounds like the worst thing to happen, really.

Reddit | rudwankd

5. Of course, there are lots of gross things being asked about.
This poorly sealed jar of homemade grape juice isn’t home to an alien but has actually turned into vinegar. The growth is a colony of bacteria and yeast called a “mother.”

Reddit | usechicory
6. This strange device was found in a cave in the Mediterranean mountains.
It’s made of stone and every part moves independently. Turns out, it’s a Chinese puzzle ball — and whether it’s actually ancient or just a lost toy, it’s a pretty cool find!

Reddit | TightTightTightYea

7. This user found what looks like tiny eggs on the tips of bristles for their bottle-cleaning brush.
No need to worry, though. Rather than being insect eggs, they’re actually engorged chia seeds caught in the bristles.

Reddit | jesterhead888
8. There are lots of strange things washing up on beaches.
This hard shell was found with a bunch of others just like it. Turns out that it’s a cuttlebone from a cuttlefish, just like the ones we give pet birds to gnaw on.

Reddit | ovglove
9. Old houses are full of strange old technology.
This thing that looks like a liquid-filled light bulb is a “fire grenade” extinguisher. Which is both awesome and dangerous to keep around.

Reddit | donotbelieveit
10. There are more kinds of strange nests than you can shake a stick at.
These ones found in the corner of a garage are the home of mud daubers, a type of wasp that eats spiders. Yum?

Reddit | Ethan_Stincelli
11. Old science and farm equipment is totally neat, but I’m glad we’ve got modern stuff now.
This machine found in a barn whose former owners were “super weird” is an ancient anesthesia machine.

Reddit | Dalionmind
12. Description: “reptilian skin/features and also tentacles that feather out of the tortoise like toes (?) When I picked it up it started kicking.”

As weird as that description is, the answer is simple: goose barnacles.

Reddit | Nigcloptimus
13. No one should ever have to ask what the needle they found in their burger is.
The consensus is that it’s from an insulin pen, though how it got in a McDonald’s hamburger remains a mystery.

Reddit | triptanic
14. Universities are also great places to find neat things, unlike McDonald’s.
This “harmonic analysis device” was basically the trigonometric calculator of the 19th century and was used to add cosines together and make waveforms.

Reddit | oarman4691
15. Some decorative art is just plain odd.
Though the user probably hoped for something more interesting, this is most likely just an old bottle stretched to look cool and filled with water.

But they did learn that Pernod is a digestif that tastes like aniseed. Blech.

Reddit | Carta_Blanca
16. “Found on the bottom of a wharf. Shriveled up when I poked it.”
Dude…why are you poking the gooey orange thing?

For something so weird, they have a pretty silly name: sea squirts. Apparently, they eat plankton and algae.

Reddit | Iknowright10
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Source : Diply