16 Weirdest Beach Pictures That Will Make You Go ‘WTF’

Noticing weird stuff at the beach is totally normal considering how insane people really are, but it’s usually not that big of a deal and only contributes to a tiny portion of your daily dose of weirdness, so most people are pretty accustomed to that. But this time, some people are taking this game to a whole new level, and it’s definitely nothing like you’ve ever seen before. You might want to click away if your cringe meter is not strong enough.

1. Couch surfing, LITERALLY

2. Trying to take a cool pic


3. She likes sniffing

4. When you’re a ninja but you gotta get your tan on

5. Irish girl sun bathing, not this one, the girl who’s laying down in the back

6. Fabulous Photobomb

7. What are you doing, Stahp, please stahp

8. Just because i’m a giraffe doesn’t mean I can’t go to the beach

9. What a great view

10. GENIUS !!!

11. That little kid knows what’s up

12. Cup Spilled in 3…2…1

13. He can’t handle all the hot babes

14. She seems happy about it

15. Little pervert

16. You gotta protect the jewels