20 Comics That Open Our Eyes To Society’s Ridiculous Double Standards

It’s something I wonder if we’ll ever be able to escape. Double standards for men and women rule us and follow us everywhere. Even if you don’t mean to, almost everyone applies double standards daily.

We’ve been conditioned to think we know what’s best for each other, but really, we have no say.

1. Cosplaying is a chance to be someone else.
Men and women can do it, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same body type as a character. The point is to have fun.

2. Eating is not the only reason for weight gain.
And your size shouldn’t cause people to judge you when they see you eating. You can be skinny or curvy and you can still enjoy eating.

3. Men and women have the same body parts with a few exceptions and grow hair in all the same places.
So why is it okay for men to be in their natural state, but not women?

4. No one has the right to tell someone what suits their body type best.
What suits a person is whatever they feel comfortable in — not what you think they should wear because of their size.

5. You don’t have to like a band, movie, show, etc. to wear something related to it.
If you like something, wear it and enjoy it. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

6. Men still don’t seem to get it when we treat them the way they treat us.
They feel uncomfortable and disrespected but don’t see how it’s the same as women.

7. We often don’t see how we judge others for the same things we do.
Just because it’s not what you’d want to do doesn’t mean it’s stupid. Someone out there thinks the same of your interests.

8. A woman’s appearance can always be turned into something negative.
She’s either too much or too little, no matter what she wears or how she acts. There’s no winning.

9. When it comes to anything, not just religion, we only like people if they’re like us.
If they’re any different, we discriminate against them. But all it amounts to is putting our own foot in our mouth.

10. Men and women can feel the exact same emotion, but we look at them differently because of their gender.
Women should be able to take charge and men should be able to express their feelings.