29 Hilarious People You’ll Only Find In Walmart

Who doesn’t love Walmart?

This huge retail change has everything you could ever want under one store.

Need food, it’s got it. Need clothes, Walmart has you covered! Want to buy the latest electronics, come on down to Walmart.

Hell, this superstore even has jewelry!

It’s a store where people can find some of the cheapest deals.

However, people can also find the strangest customers in their local Walmart.

Whether it’s the low prices or the fluorescent lights that attract them, I don’t know.

In honor of the people who shop at the family chain, we’ve collected the 29 funny photos from PeopleOfWalmart.com.

So sit back and enjoy!

1. The Customer’s Always Right

Remember, even if you don’t agree with how they dress, the customer is always right.

2. No Smoking Allowed

Excuse me Ma’am, but you’re not allowed to smoke in here…

3. Johnny Long Boots

Why on Earth did he think wearing long pointy shoes was a good idea?

4. Walmart Sleepover

Ladies and gentlemen, I know your PJs are comfy, but please don’t go shopping in them. It’s a bad idea!

5. Party Time

It looks like she’s planning to go out tonight after she finishes her weekly Walmart shop.

6. Nice Hair

What a lovely full head of hair, I’m very jealous.

7. Odd Pick

The jacket and the shirt look good, and the hat is pretty cool. The only problem is, they don’t work together.

8. Deli Counter

Wait, is that a pink thong? How on Earth did it take me so long to notice that?

9. Long Nails

Wow, I bet a trip to the manicurist would cost a fortune.

10. Short Shorts

Maybe next time you’re in Walmart, wear some shorts that don’t look like knickers.

11. Love Man

Someone is ready for Valentines Day.

12. Fashion Nightmare

I’m glad this fashion trend never caught on.

13. Look, A Muppets!

I’ll pass on this trend…

14. Pull Ups

Please pull your trousers up.

15. Two In One

This is both weird but oddly sweet.

16. Short Shorts

If your shorts are so short that we can barely see them, pull them up!

17. Thug Life

I didn’t choose the Walmart Life, the Walmart Life chose me.

18. Long Matted Hair

What a huge mess!

19. Sweet

What a sweet hairdo!

20. Elvis Is Alive

Even Elvis is a sucker for Walmarts deals!

21. Walmart Pool Party

That’s both a terrible idea and a brilliant one too!

22. Walmart Dating

I suppose that’s one way of getting yourself back into the dating scene!

23. Halloween Shopping

I couldn’t manage walking in heels that high, no wonder he’s using a walking stick to help him!

24. Stripper Heels

Hmm…. I wonder where she works?

25. Wedding Time

Why go to your own wedding when you can go to Walmart?

26. Christmas Mad!

I think someone is a little too keen on Christmas!

27. Pink Hair

Someone looks like they are having fun while shopping at Walmart.

28. Walmart Style

It’s crazy how some people dress up for going shopping at Walmart!

29. Fishing Tank

I’m pretty sure those fish tanks aren’t meant for that strange activity!

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