32 Silly Snaps That Show The Messy Ways We Get Along

Whoever said that human relationships made sense was lying.

If we had to explain to an alien that the people we say mean things to are our friends and the ones we say polite things to are our enemies, they’d pack up and try another planet. But as we know, that’s often true.

Instead of worrying about all this, let’s enjoy the way these snaps totally nail this confusion.

1. When our older relatives try to tackle tech, this is surprisingly close to the best-case scenario.
After all, nothing’s catching on fire, and when you step in with the simple solution, you look like a hero and a tech wizard at the same time.

Imgur | MazMe89
2. When we mess up, we can expect to do a lot of talking to the back of bae’s head.
And unless we end up hearing these magic words, the statue is doing a great job of imitating what they say back.

Facebook | Le regne du chat ne fait que commencer! Tremblez mortel
3. And that’s just how mad bae gets when we don’t say something utterly insane like this.
I always figured that Eric’s move to try to marry Ariel right after they met was a red flag, but “dumb dog”? Girl, he’s gotta go.

Tumblr | the-official-princess-club
4. Office pranks are all well and good, but it’s the ones like this that make you some powerful enemies.
Is making people treat every pen they come across with suspicion worth it?

Yes, but only if they shake the pad and make sure nobody saw them.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets

5. Ooh, bait-and-switching your friends with fake beer might be a little too intense as a test of friendship.
Although, if these friends were smart, they’d just make him buy them one for real. And if he refuses, then they leave.

They’re such amateurs.

Instagram | @ladbible
6. Still, amateurish friends or not, that guy better be careful. If he keeps it up, this will be his next snap.
Granted, they won’t complain about his beer pranks and that guy on the right has some awesome hair.

But they’re not that great with conversation.

Reddit | Preemfunk
7. This is true. Your neighbors will see you do as many weird things as your friends see you do, but with way less context.
And since nobody bothers to explain that they were just wistfully staring out the window for a snap, the neighbors will never know what the deal was.

The Chive
8. If he knew what was going on, I bet the professor wouldn’t be sure whether to be disappointed or impressed.
If I were him, I’d lament that all those poor Bothans died in vain because this kid is obviously not studying their valuable information.

Reddit | altoidsjedi

9. We all have that one friend whose breakups you can set your watch to.
Technically, she might not be wrong about the “forever” part. It’s just that this will be a journey with a lot of stops and starts.

A bus ride to forever, if you will.

10. Aww, this is sweet. I bet she wishes that she was her lip balm right about now.
Huh, that’s both a wish she probably never thought she’d have and a sentence I definitely never thought I would write.

We’re having a lot of firsts today.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets
11. And of course, we still have to get along when we don’t actually have anybody near us.
We may not end up stranded on a desert island, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never be desperate enough to make friends with a punny skull.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets
12. Take a good look at this one, folks. It might just end up being our future.
It wasn’t so long ago when nobody’s parents had Facebook, and look how that turned out. Oh well, there’s always another social network to confuse and scare them with.

13. Yeah, I’m not really sure we can trust the people’s judgment on this one.
But even if he doesn’t, he’ll just become the dog version of Dumbo, and Dumbo was adorable. So I don’t think we’ll be having any problems here.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x
14. These seem like pretty messed up priorities as far as I’m concerned.
I’d understand if the game was real and he had money on it or something, but they still let you pause these things, right?

Even if he’s online, he can just fake connection problems.

Imgur | StupidOldDumbMeercatOfTheAfricanSavannahPlains
15. And lastly, sometimes Snapchat just lets you see the world differently…

Imgur | Fmnnn
16. Some people just slipped through the cracks…
I’d love it if she turned out to be the most successful one of the bunch just so this picture can be ironic.


17. Wow, I wish I got that deep when people ask me to do stuff.
Then again, I guess there really isn’t a way to be woke about mowing the lawn, so I might as well just keep grumbling about it.

Twitter | @xmarxo
18. Yikes! If you think it’s tacky when people break up over the phone, brace yourself for this one.
The relationship really must not be going anywhere if it’s not even worth putting effort into drawing that sad face.

That’s not even a face people can make!

Best Babel
19. It looks like she just unlocked the secrets to the universe.
Seriously, check out this kid’s pupils and tell me she’s not having a totally cosmic experience right about now.

Reddit | givemeyourpasta
20. Well, this is disappointing.
I guess the future isn’t really now after all. These jerks sure have a lot of gall getting this person’s hopes up for nothing. That’s why they made the “new” so small in the corner.


21. Well, well, well, it looks like the filters aren’t just for making your face look all wacky.
For shame, sir, for shame.

Twitter | @JayGreatorex
22. That’s what we call modernizing a masterpiece

Imgur | AVeryBritishGuy
23. A classic case of “who wore it better?”
I don’t know about y’all, but some camouflage like this would definitely have come in handy when I was in school.

Reddit | [deleted]
24. It’s always scary when you forget your parents follow you on Snapchat…
Good save!

Reddit | BraveReddit

25. This barista knows that it’s the little things that keep your customers coming back.
I wonder if they sang “hey what’s up, hello” the next time this person came in because that would definitely be worth another tip.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld
26. Pun game strong!

Reddit | AranACC
27. Sequels are always disappointing…
“You’ve followed Carl and Russell through the mysterious jungles of South America. Now marvel as they set out for the most exotic location yet: Boise, Idaho!”

Reddit | vegetation998
28. Just when you try to get somewhere in life, some vulture comes along to mess it up
Usually, we don’t mean that literally, but life is full of surprises, and, apparently, so are people’s garages.

Twitter | @BestTwlt

29. Wow, it’s both horrifying and majestic!
And the worst part is that this was probably the only one, so everybody will just think this person went through a car wash.

30. It’s always sad to see such promising bread turn to the dark side.
The Force may be mysterious and powerful, but when one of your Jedi comrades gets stuck in the toaster, you have to take matters into your own hands.

31. Well, here’s hoping!

Imgur | Fmnnn
32. I don’t know about y’all, but I’d definitely prefer this to those jerks who draw on your face.
Actually, I guess it would kind of be the best of both worlds if she drew all over this snap.

Pinterest | Sad Baby