After 4-Year-Old Boy Orders A S’Mores Milkshake, He Starts Acting Strange. That’s When Mom Reads The Receipt

A Pennsylvania mom is furious after her 4-year-old mistakenly drank half a milkshake before she realized it contained vodka.

According to KIRO 7, Brianne Mckee revealed that her son drank half a milkshake full of vodka before anybody in her family realized what was going on.

“You’re just in such shock and you don’t know to scream or cry or what you should do because you’re supposed to protect your child,” McKee said.

McKee explained that she and her family went to the BRGR off Route 228 in Cranberry when her son Stryler ordered a s’mores milkshake as a special treat.

When McKee looked at the receipt later that evening, however, she realized that the milkshake had been made as an adult version with vodka.

“He was a little drunk,” Mckee said.

Although BRGR eventually apologized and gave McKee a refund when she lodged a complaint against them, she feels as if they didn’t really care.

“They didn’t care. Nobody cared. And I’m getting loud it was like nobody had kids no one understood why I am so heartsick,” she said.

After McKee took her story to the media, BRGR sent a statement to WPXI about the incident.

“On Sunday afternoon, an employee at the BRGR Cranberry location mistakenly served a milkshake with alcohol to a child,” Dan Ayer, a spokesman for the restaurant’s owner S+P Restaurant Group, said in a statement. “We sincerely apologize to the family involved. This is unacceptable and we are taking this matter very seriously.”

The restaurant is reportedly now reviewing its training procedures when it comes to serving alcohol.

“We are reviewing and reinforcing our training procedures in regards to alcohol safety at all locations to ensure an incident like this does not happen again,” Ayer said.

Though Styler seems to be just fine, his mom took him to see a doctor just in case.

After McKee shared her story on Facebook, several commenters accused the concerned mom of lying to seek attention.

Once she saw what was being said about her on social media, McKee decided to stand up for herself and her family on the WPXI Facebook page:

“I just want to clear up a few things since everyone thinks they are entitled to belittle me and be heartless. My son was seen and cared for by his pediatrician which is what I thought was necessary. The milkshake wasn’t tested because the person who made the shake immediately admitted to putting alcohol in my sons to go milkshake. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THAT HAPPENED TO SOMEONE WHO WAS NEW. The milkshake was handed directly to my son not me or anyone else. No one else at the table had alcohol so there’s no need to blame me. I truly did not want this to turn into what it did I wanted it to be a warning message that as much as you love your children you can’t always keep them safe. BRGR has admitted wrong doing and is doing what they have to do to make things right from this point on. I believe any issue can be changed based upon how the situation is handled and when this incident occurred there wasn’t compassion and concern. The owner was t made aware of the situation until hours after it happened and it took being posted online for him to be made aware. He has since been very kind and concerned which is all I ever wanted. My son is ok that’s what matters. So for those of you that think this was an attempt for attention shame on you. This was a mom making a statement saying you can’t always keep your kids safe be careful! My son is very well loved and cared for so there is no need for all the mean comments.”

Source : Raisingtheherd