8 Employee Secrets That McDonald’s Don’t Want You To Know

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

At the moment they have restaurants in over 100 countries, now that’s impressive!

They roughly serve 69 million customers worldwide every day!

There are a lot of myths surround McDonald’s, some of which are pretty insane!

But one McDonald’s employee from Britain recently did a Q&A online, and revealed some industry secret McDonald’s don’t want us knowing!

1. Getting Sauce

Most of you might not be aware of this, but you’re actually supposed to be charged for any sauce you ask for.

Obviously, this doesn’t count if the dipping sauce is included in the meal, like when you buy chicken tenders or something similar.

But other times it’s McDonald’s policy that they ask their customers to pay for any extra sauces.

But sometimes people won’t be charged for these sauces. This means you’ve landed yourself with a good server who’s decided not to charge you.

If you’re nice to a member of staff you can see yourself getting sauces for free.

2. Free Food For Staff

In the UK McDonald’s employ 85,000 people! But, there is the rumor that the members of staff can bag themselves free food.

This rumor is actually true… Well, to an extent!

While they’re on shift, they are allowed to make a meal to eat on their break.

But despite this, it’s still likely that you’ll see some staff snacking on food while they’re in the back.

But because of health and safety reasons, anyone caught doing this is at risk of getting fired

3. Cooking Burgers

Have you ever noticed McDonald’s never ask you how you want your burger cooked?

This isn’t an option at McDonald’s because the staff is taught to cook the burgers in exactly the same way every time.

This way, McDonald’s will always have the same quality of burgers across their stores nationwide. This also saves time, making sure that McDonald’s really is a ‘fast food’ restaurant.

4. Employee Stars 

The next time you visit McDonald’s you should pay attention to your server’s name badge. Sometimes there are a collection of stars.

But what do these stars actually mean? Well, the stars stand for the area of expertise each member of staff specializes in.

I know this sounds odd to us, but it’s actually part of a major system in McDonald’s.

Every member of the team gets a star for working in a different area of McDonald’s.

There are the chicken section, the fryer, and the grills. When you earn yourself a certain amount of stars, you manage to land yourself a promotion.

When you reach four stars you earn your promotion.

5. Big Mac Sauce

Asking for extra Big Mac sauce is something are guilty of. It’s just so good!

McDonald employees seem to be really stingy when it comes to the Big Mac Sauce, and they always seem to be so annoyed when you ask for extra sauce.

But did you know there’s a very simple reason why?!

One McDonald’s employee gave a fairly honest answer:

“It requires extra effort! We have to go get the little tube thing for it, and when you are working the smallest things p*ss you off.”

6. Monopoly Money

I love that time of year when McDonald’s whips out those Monopoly sticks. There’s so much you can win!

You could even win free food!

But, there are some McDonald’s workers who apparently keep the tokens whenever you hand them in for some lovely free food!  Whether they sell them on or simply reuse them for themselves, they are extremely handy to save up!

7. Cooking Quickly

McDonald’s burgers take as little as 40 seconds to cook from frozen. Yeah, I was shocked by that too!

A lot of people think McDonald’s food is fresh and amazing, but if it takes this amount of time to cook a frozen piece of meat then maybe you should go somewhere else for a bite to eat?

8. Unhappy Customer

If you’re unhappy with your meal, some worker will pretend to give you a fresh meal, but actually give you back the same food you had to begin with!

That’s not all if you’re a rude customer and you ask for a McFlurry sometimes the McDonalds staff will pretend that the machine is broken so they don’t have to serve it to you.

No wonder the ice cream machine is always broken!

What did you think about these McDonald’s facts? Did you Mclove them?!

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