Blonde German Model with 70S Boobs Returns to Hollywood as a Black Woman with African Hair After Series of Tanning Injections

A 28-year-old glamor model from Germany who spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery to achieve what are reported to be “Europe’s largest boobs” has now gone even further by turning herself into a “black woman.”Martina Big, who has size 70S cup boobs, has used a series of tanning injections to turn her fair skin into what she describes as a “dark crispy brown” and has changed her blonde straight hair into “African hair.”In April, the Mirror newspaper reported that Martina had taken three tanning injections and had radically changed the color of her skin. At that point, Martina said that she had no desire to be a black woman but was interested in the contrast between her blonde hair and her extreme tan!3 months later, however, the German woman has released a video of herself on a visit to Hollywood in which she says, “I am now a black woman with African hair.”
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German model transforms into a “black woman.” A 28-year-old glamor model from Germany who had spent thousands on plastic surgery to achieve “Europe’s largest boobs,” has now taken her body transformation much further by turning herself into a “black woman.” The ex-air hostess who has size 70S boobs, who reportedly had only 3 tanning injections earlier this year, originally said that she did not want to be a black woman but enjoyed the contrast between her straight blonde hair and her extreme tan.

Her fair skin has become a “dark crispy brown.” The Mirror newspaper first reported on Martina’s skin transformation in April. According to the report, the German model’s fan’s were shocked a the time by the change of her fair skin into a “dark crispy brown.”

She has no desire to control her “tanning addiction.” Martina said that she had used melanin increasing injections and had also continued to use a 50-tube sunbed in her hometown of Trier in Germany. She admitted that she had no intention of controlling what she described as her “tanning addiction.”

She intends to push it to the extreme. Martina told the press in April that she had not expected the injections to work so well. She said, however, that she loved the outcome and intended to push it to the extreme.

Her fans had never seen a “white girl” become “African dark.” Martina also said that she believed her fans were only initially irritated by her transformation because they had never seen a white girl become “African dark” before. She says she also loves to see people’s shock when they see her on the street. They are wondering, she says, “how is this possible?”

”I like your style.” While fans were initially shocked by Martina’s decision to undergo an extreme tan, many of them changed their tune, says Martina. They had begun to tell her that they liked her style, she says, and encouraged her to “go darker.”

”I am not pretending to be a black girl.” In her first press interviews after receiving the tanning injections, Martina said that she might have the “skin of an African girl” but that she was not “pretending to be a black girl.” Her intention was to create an exotic Barbie, she said, who would have a “dark tan, bright blonde hair, and exaggerated curves.”

She said she wouldn’t change the color of her eyes or her eyebrows. Martina said back in April, that she would not change the color of her eyes or her eyebrows. She said that they would be the only “natural things” that she would keep.

Model records her first film since becoming a “black woman.” 3 months after the first report of her skin transformation, however, Martina has released a film of a recent visit to Hollywood. She says it is her first since becoming a “black woman.”

”I am now a black woman with African hair.” The German woman is many shades darker than when photographed in April and now describes herself as a “black woman with African hair.” Standing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign, Martina says to viewers that the last time she visited the area, she had “blonde hair and white skin.”

Opinions are divided. More than 130,000 have watched Martina’s video already and views are understandably divided. Some viewers have accused her of having mental issues while others offered her encouragement with one even saying that she was an inspiration to black women who don’t realize how beautiful they are.

”The ultimate real-life Bimbo Barbie.” Martina’s plastic surgery journey began with an ambition to become the “ultimate real-life Barbie bimbo.” Her massive breasts have the unique feature of being able to be “pumped up” by injecting saline. She explains that at first she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price but decided that neither of those women is “curvy enough!” She says that she is now more “inspired by Barbie or Jessica Rabbit.”

Boyfriend is also taking tanning injections. Martina’s supportive boyfriend Michael has also taken a course of tanning injections as well. He says that he does not want to get as dark as Martina but that he supports and likes her new look a lot.

Boyfriend hopes she will get darker and get butt implants. Michael says that it is a “great feeling” being at Martina’s side as the “boyfriend of the woman with the largest breasts in Europe.” He says that he hopes that she will continue to inflate her breasts and lips, get even more tanned and even have implant surgery to increase the size of her butt.

Surgeon does not advocate butt implant surgery. Martina has reportedly approached plastic surgeon Dr. Karl Schuhmann from Dusseldorf over surgery to have 1.5-kilo butt implants inserted to enlarge her butt. The doctor told the press that he does not advocate the procedure and has suggested that she have fat transplantation surgery instead.