If Your Boyfriend Wants To Be Pegged, Does It Mean He’s Secretly Gay?

What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. If your guy want to start experimenting, it’s best not to look too deep into it, because all you’re doing is making nothing out of something, ultimately taking the primal fun out of adventurous sex. Then again, it’s only natural to wonder. So what happens if you’re boyfriend wants to be pegged? Does this say anything about his sexuality? Does this mean he’s not the man you thought he was? Keep reading to find out what it means if your boyfriends wants to be pegged.. does it mean he’s secretly gay? Let us know in the comments!Do you thinking pegging is only for gay men? Let us know in the comments!

Private life. When it comes to sex, some people like to play it safe and some people like to shake things up. However, for guys especially, it’s not always easy being open about your sexual interests. In most cases, it’s out of fear of people questioning their masculinity (whatever that even means), and as a result, their interests are sometimes so private that they don’t even bother opening up at all.

The issue. When we question whether a man is gay or not just because he enjoys anal play, we’re perpetuating this idea that straight men have to adhere to a very specific standard. Dare they cross it, their masculinity is doomed. But f*ck that noise. If guys want to get pegged, it doesn’t make them gay. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat.

Maybe, maybe not. If your boyfriend’s secretly gay, then he’s secretly gay. But that’s his business. If he tells you that he’s interested in pegging, then your first response shouldn’t be that you think he might be interested in men, it should be appreciation for the fact that he trusted you enough to be so honest, despite the stigma.

All walks of life. The truth is, more guys are into pegging than you’d probably assume. But of course you wouldn’t assume that, because most guys would be too afraid to even bring it up. The anus is chock full of pleasurable nerves, so it’s only natural that a guy would want to seek pleasure there. Wanting to feel good in the booty does not translate to being attracted to men.

Firsthand. If the idea of a straight man being pegged freaks you out, then maybe this is a topic you’re just not familiar with. Which is fun. Of course something that you’re not used to is not going to seem particularly right. So, to help fix that, here are some straight guys speaking out about why they enjoy pegging.

Anal play. “So when I was younger I thought I was gay, even though I never had a thing for guys. I was jerking off once, and I dunno how it happened really, but my finger found my butthole, and from there I just enjoyed fingering myself whenever I masturbated. And then this pretty much just evolved over time, and when I was younger, it turned into pegging.” —Josh, 25

Grown up. “I got pegged for the first time in college from this girl I was talking with on Tinder. It just came up. I told her I was into kinky stuff, and she brought up pegging and I was like ‘Yes!’ And then from there, it just became a regular thing. I didn’t just go out of my way for girls who would do it, but if they would, then it was obviously better. Again, just to reiterate, liking things up my butt has never had a single effect on whether I think a guy is good looking or not.” —Josh, 25

Here and there. “Pegging’s just something I do in the same way you do anything else when you’re having sex. If there’s a strap-on, then f*ck it. Let’s use it. If I’m in the mood. There’s time when I’m not, and I just don’t it. It’s really never been a big deal. I think I’m confident enough in my masculinity to let a girl be in control. Who cares?” —Mike, 28

Something different. “Sex doesn’t get boring necessarily, but it can be stale-ish. I’m just the kind of guy who gets bored easily I guess and doing something like pegging just kind of ups the ante, you know? Just makes me feel like a freak, which I love. Just adds something. I dunno how to explain it. But you should try it. Get yourself prepared and get out of your head a little, but try it.” —Aaron, 33

Special occasions. “My wife and I will peg every now and then. Usually I’ll offer it because I think she thinks if she offers it, that it’ll make me question my sexuality or something haha. But that’s not the case. I don’t associate pegging with being gay. And so what if I was a little gay. It’s just sex. Doesn’t change anything. I’m obviously still attracted as f*ck to my wife.” —Eric, 29

Tough. “Oh, so you think pegging makes you less of a man? Ha! Until you’ve actually tried it, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Pegging can be painful at first, but if you can’t handle it, men, then by all means, move along. But for everyone else man enough to give it a go, then more power to you.” —Jack, 25

Going strong. “When you’re in a relationship long enough, you can understand why it’s fun to try new things. And that’s what me and my wife did with pegging. We never wanted our sex life to get repetitive, so we’re always trying something new. Pegging was ‘something new’ like 7 years ago, but we’re still going strong.” —Taylor, 35

Back and forth. “My wife’s the most incredible woman you’ll ever meet, and not only was she cool about me wanting to try pegging, she does it too. But obviously, when it’s with her, we don’t need a strap on. But still, there’s something about switching back and forth, doing the same thing that is so ridiculously sexy.” —Dave, 29

The big O. “To every guy reading this, you may think you’ve busted a nut in your day, but you have no idea what that even means until you’ve done something like pegging. You get better orgasms when you’re playing with your hole just in general, but when it’s full on pegging, it’s on another level.” —Mark, 31

You never know. If you can try your best, don’t let something as pointless as a stigma or stereotype keep you from trying something new. If you’re straight, you’re straight. If you’re unsure about your sexuality, and you’re afraid that having an interest in pegging might open up some doors, then by all means, at least give it a shot. Either way, you’ll never know until you try it.

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