Children Are Actually Worse When Their Mothers Are Present

Whether it’s your kid or someone else’s, we’ve all seen the nightmare tantrums that happen when mommy enters the room. It’s like they’re trying to show off. Curious about why they go off like time bombs when they catch mommy’s scent? Here, we highlight why children are actually worse when their mother’s in the room!

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So science doesn’t actually say that kids are 800% worse when their mothers are present.

But anyone who’s been around a kid knows it’s true.

They can get glowing reports in school.

But so help it if mom’s there on a playdate.

Kids will yell more, slap more, cry more, and need way more attention.

So why do they act like little monsters around mom?

Some moms say it’s because of a sense of safety.

Kids know that when their mom’s around, they have a safe space that’ll make all their problems better.

They can cry to you, scream to you, and poop in their pants and mom will take care of it.

Maybe they hold it together in front of other people because they’re self-conscious and aren’t comfortable with strangers.

So does it mean that you’ve spoiled your kid if they act like a beast in front of you?

Definitely not. They’re going to greet you with needy whining no matter what you do.

And really, it’s a good sign that they express themselves to their mom.

It means they love you and trust you—and most of all, it means that they don’t bottle up their negativity.

Source : RebelCircus