These College Bros Forced A Beached Shark To Shotgun A Beer Instead Of Helping It, And Everyone Is Furious

When you’re in college, you make stupid mistakes. You sleep in when you have test, you drink too much and you sleep with… that person. However, some students make mistakes that they simply can’t blame their college experience on. They just have themselves. When a group of students were partying during spring break, they happened upon a shark. Now, when you find a beached shark, you call for help. They didn’t do that. Instead, they had the shark party with them. Keep reading to learn about the bros who forced a beached shark to shotgun a beer instead of helping it.

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The angry internet. It’s not that difficult to piss off the internet, but in some cases, their collective anger is earned. Sometimes, someone does something so reprehensible that you can’t blame anyone for being pissed off. Take for instance the college bros on spring break who took shotgunning a beer one step too far.

When college bros like to party. A group of college students were partying on the beach during spring break (which is as typical as typical gets), but they took things too far. While taking things too far may seem comical to many college bros, this one certainly takes the cake.

Finding a beached shark. While they were partying, they stumbled across a beached shark. Now, they could have easily just gone to someone and asked for help, but they didn’t, according to VICE. Instead, they took the matter into their own hands. But that doesn’t mean they helped.

Keep the party going. Seeing as they didn’t want to lose an opportunity to continue their partying (you know, they didn’t want to waste all the time that their parents had bought for them), they approached the shark, beer in tow. Since sharks can’t do keg stands, they had it perform a different kind of trick.

Shotgun. Clearly trying to impress the alpha male in the group, this college bro, named Giorgio D’Auria, approached the shark with a can of beer, lifted the shark’s mouth open and pierced the can with the shark’s tooth. You know, so he could shotgun the beer like a “real man.”

Caught on film. Naturally, no one would ever miss the opportunity to get something like this on camera, so the photographic evidence is out there. Once it was taken, the photo and videos spread like wildfire, and people all over the world were able to catch a glimpse. Which meant they were also able to judge.

Social media. Once the video was posted online, Total Frat Move on Instragram shared it, and the thing just took like a bat out of hell. In just two days, it managed to rake up over 571,000 times — and that’s before any news coverage was ever made on the subject.

The internet takes its gloves off. Where it starts to get good is when you take into account the comments that are attached to the video. As of that two day mark, there were roughly 2,300 comments, and it’s safe to say that people were not happy with the sh*t they were seeing done to this innocent shark.

Angry people. One of the comments was left by clhenderson143: “I’d love to get a can and smash it in your face til it opens, I’d make sure the first blow was hard enough to hurt but didn’t open so I could enjoy hitting you again.” Henderson isn’t kidding around.

Getting violent. One of the commenters was will_healis, someone who’s clearly sick of how annoyingly reckless the modern youth is. He wrote, “If only that shark was able to take a bite out of your leg them maybe that would teach you a lesson. F*cking disgusting for doing this.” OK, so a little violent, but we at least see where you’re coming from. Good on you, Will.

Cut the sh*t, bros. People have really been coming after this bro from all sides, more than just a little fumed at his behavior. One commenter wrote, “Soo not okay. Sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ, but ok pal,” according to the New York Post.

Then, there are the health conscious commenters. While other commenters were complaining about how much they freaking hate these bros, one of them was focused on the bro’s health. “I understand the morality of this but Sharks eat fish, imagine the bacteria in its teeth and he’s just drinking it.”

Animal abuse. What this college bro and his cronies fail to realize is that what they did to this shark is something called animal abuse. They could have just as easily gone for help, and looked cool doing it. Hell, the internet could be applauding them for their heroism, which, even though it’d be eyeroll-inducing, at least it would be for something positive.

The apology. According The Tab, D’auria made a public apology on Facebook, saying, “I realize it was a horrible thing to have done and just as bad to post it. I am not recommending or incentivizing anybody else to do such a thing. Shortly after it was posted, I realized it was not a kind act or smart idea in any way. The truth which people posting were not aware of, is that we were fishing on the beach and happened to catch this shark.”

Fishing for a way out. Alright, so D’auria apparently cleared up the whole mess. They were just trying to fish. That’s all. His friend even said, “Everything about the video was humane. It wasn’t hurt at all, catching the shark does more damage to it than what he did.” If that helps you sleep at night, dude.

Source : RebelCircus