Dad Sends The Most Devastating Text To His ‘Friends’ After His Autistic Son Wasn’t Invited To Any Of Their Kids’ Parties

Obviously raising a child is never an easy thing. Anytime you bring a life into the world creating the best possible future for your child should be your only goal. Parents are constantly facing new obstacles and struggles doing their best to deal with the learning curve. Now, raising a child who is autistic comes with its own unique set of obstacles. Some of these struggles may not be something people without children with autism normally think about. This is an obstacle Shane Stephenson has been faced with and as a parent, it must be absolutely heartbreaking.

Shane’s son Reilly is 6 years-old and autistic – he is nonverbal. This must bring a whole new realm of parenting struggles into play. Like most parents, Shane has friends with children around Reilly’s age. At this point, all of his “friends” children are beginning to have birthday parties with friends and classmates. The absolutely heartbreaking part is that not one invite was extended Reilly’s way. Understandably, this must be devastating for Reilly and his parents. As a parent, you just want the best for your children and as a 6-year-old child, no matter the circumstances you just want to be a part of something. Autism or not human beings have feelings, I can’t imagine how Reilly and his family felt. Shane couldn’t remain silent any longer, he decided to reach out to his so-called “friends” via group chat.

His wife shared it on Twitter for the world to see.

My husbands message to his mates breaks my heart 😢 💔 #inclusion #autism

— Life of Reilly (@life_of_reillys) November 4, 2017

Can’t put it much better than that. “Have any of you any idea how hurtful that is?” I can’t imagine the thoughts going through an adults head to completely exclude a friends child. Reilly being autistic being the reason he isn’t being included in activities ANY and ALL 6-year-old children should be able to enjoy is heartbreaking and sickening. The family runs a charity and blog “The Life of Reilly.” The families goal is to help people become less judgemental and help other children and families know they aren’t alone in their unique struggles.

It’s very obvious more people need to be less judgemental. I mean c’mon! How could they let this poor little boy be completely excluded?! It’s so sad and honestly just f*cked up. This is one of those times I’m extra happy with social media. Twitter was there to let the Stephenson’s know they aren’t alone with their obstacles.

It’s so important. I remember. These things are more important to kids than I think adults realize.

— Dead Suzi (@Dead_Suzi) November 6, 2017

Well done and well said to your husband! I’m a mum to 4 special needs children, 2 with autism and none of them are ever invited to parties either. We’ve learnt to forget the ones that don’t show they care and make our own fun with the ones that do.

— Kristel Burgess (@BurgessKristel) November 6, 2017

We have the same problem with my nephew, never gets party invites because he has autism and one birthday no school friends turned up😭😩

— Millie McBride (@MILLIEMCBRIDExx) November 6, 2017

Can you imagine how much good it could do if this was more widespread. I took my son to a class and the vibe was cold. My son just ran away

— fedup (@anj102) November 6, 2017

Hopefully, this story can help bring some attention to an issue that’s obviously affecting a lot of families. Even though the twitter messages were encouraging it’s also sad to think about how many children and family deal with this situation. If you’re a parent and reading this maybe go over that invite list twice before you plan your kid’s birthday party. You don’t know how much a seemingly small gesture can mean to someone. It really is the thought that counts in some situations and just the fact that you thought of some can be more impactful than you’d imagine. Just remember what Shane Stephenson said. It’s something I know every single parent can relate to no matter what struggles your child may face.

He’s not an after thought he’s my every f*cking thought

Way to go, Shane!

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