Demi Lovato shares dramatic before-and-after photos of her eating disorder recovery.

When she’s not making music, Demi Lovato is a mental health warrior, keeping it super-real with her fans about living with bipolar disorder, and recovering from addiction and an eating disorder. The 25-year-old star first sought help at 18 and is now five years sober and still working on her body image and food issues.

In Lovato’s new documentary, Simply Complicated, she admits to having had an eating disorder relapse last summer after her breakup from Wilmer Valderrama (RIP Delmer Lovaterrama). But though recovery from an eating disorder is a long and often bumpy road, the singer has made a lot of progress in the past seven years.

A fan recently posted these dramatic side-by-side photos showing what seven years of recovery from an eating disorder looks like for Lovato:

More confident 👑💖 #SimplyComplicated (Demi shared on her Instagram story! Thank you Demi!! I love you so much 💕)

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“More confident,” wrote the fan of the star, who looks much healthier and happier in the latter photo.

Lovato even shared the fan’s photos on her Instagram stories yesterday, adding the message “recovery is possible”:

Eating disorders affect millions of Americans, and yet social taboos and silence on the subject often make it difficult for people to get treatment. So it really, really rocks that someone with a huge platform like Demi Lovato is doing her part to change that.