WATCH: Super dog saves drowning deer in New York

Mark Freeley was walking his golden retriever Storm on a beach in New York on Sunday morning when suddenly the pup dived into the waters of the Long Island Sound.

Mr Freeley had no clue what Storm was doing, but little did he know his dog was on a rescue mission.

“Storm saw something in the water,” Mr Freeley said.

“He ran ahead of me and just charged into the water.”

Mr Freeley began recording Storm and watched as he swam over to a fawn, grabbed it in his mouth and delivered it safely to shore.

The fawn tried to run away but Mr Freeley managed to get hold of Strong Island Rescue to recapture the deer and transfer it to an animal shelter where it is currently recovering.

Mr Freeley has since shared Storm’s moment in the sun on Facebook where it’s received more than 2.6 million views with many in awe of the dog’s heroics.

“Storm is a true hero,” one user commented.

“This is a true act of compassion.”