Over a Dozen Teenagers Treated for Rabies After Sexually Assaulting a Donkey

Did you ever do something stupid when you were a teenager? Drive your mom’s car without permission and crash it? Get a detention for skipping class? Contract rabies after sexually assaulting a donkey? No? Well, 15 Moroccan teenagers unfortunately had to learn their lesson the hard way. They must feel like a bunch of jackasses.

Graphic image warning.

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A rabies patient. Technically, this disturbingly makes rabies an STD. Why the 15 teens decided to rape a donkey? We’re not sure, except that bestiality, repulsive as it is, is more common than you might think.

Sidi Kamel. Maybe it was peer pressure. The details are murky at best. What is known is that the small rural town of Sidi Kamel is shocked and horrified by this recent turn of events.

Sexually frustrated. The teens, who were described by the Moroccan press as “sexually frustrated,” had to be hospitalized for a week while vaccinations were administered. Left untreated, rabies has almost a 100% mortality rate in humans.

Shame. It is suspected that more people might have “admired” the donkey. However, the embarrassment and shame of having committed such an act may be preventing them from seeking medical treatment.

The incident. The donkey incident has been the subject of ridicule and mockery among locals. As a result, many families of the teenagers involved have sought medical treatment outside the region.

Crocodiles. An Australian man was recently killed after attempting to have sex with a crocodile. He didn’t contract rabies though. The crocodile ate him.

Snakes. Last year, a doctor in London was found guilty of possessing footage of bestiality. The video in question was of a man having sex with a snake.

Oliver Lown. Oliver Lown (not pictured) was arrested in 2014 for having sex with a horse and a dog. His occupation? A veterinarian. How was he caught? He recorded himself doing it.

Cows. In 2014, a man was arrested in New York for attempting to have sex with a cow. Another man was filming the encounter.

The stats. There is very little data on the occurrences of bestiality worldwide. Not surprisingly, many people are not too willing to admit that they’ve actually done it.

Rural areas. Incidences of bestiality are highest in rural areas. Particularly among men who grew up around farms.

The US. Believe it or not, beastiality is not illegal in all 50 states. There are 31 states which specifically prohibit sex acts between humans and animals.

Asses of the Caribbean. Vice released a documentary entitled Asses of the Caribbean which focuses on teenage boys from northern Colombia who regularly engage in sex acts with donkeys. The boys believe that doing so will increase their sexual prowess.

Women are guilty too. Last year, a woman from South Africa was arrested for attempting to engage in a sex act with her dog. Also in South Africa last year, a man was arrested for resisting arrest when police officers caught him having sex with a pig.

Dangerous. Parasites and various infectious diseases in addition to rabies can be contracted as a result of bestiality. The moral of the story here, folks, is do not commit bestiality. You will get rabies. And die.

Source : RebelCircus