Dr. Pimple Popper digs out an enormous dilated pore that keeps filling back up.

Every pimple popping fanatic has their favorite kind of “pop”—blackheads, cysts, lipomas, what have you. But one that pretty much everyone loves is the ol’ dilated pore of Winer. The internet-famous Dr. Pimple Popper (a.k.a. licensed dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee) has seen her share of these “DPOW”s before, but this one truly is the mother of them all. Which is fitting, since it was removed from an 85-year-old mom, who had her daughter with her for emotional support.

The video is short but sweet—oh, so sweet. A dilated pore of Winer is an “enlarged solitary comedo”—basically just a huge blackhead, as Dr. Lee writes in the video’s caption. Dr. Lee just has to squeeze it hard and out it pops, like a cork in a bottle of finely aged wine. (All right, all right, I know that’s not how corks are removed, settle down.)

After all the gunk is removed from the pore, it remains enlarged for some time. Dr. Lee writes that it will shrink, but probably not all the way, and they do tend to fill up again. In fact, in the video, the patient mentions that it’s been removed and filled up again twice already.

One option would be to add a few stitches, to close the gaping hole, but that’s no fun for the viewers at home, who are hoping it fills up with more black gold so we can watch it being squeezed out again. ‘Tis truly the gift that keeps on giving. And speaking of gifts, here’s a gif(t) I made of the pimple-popping version of the money shot. You’re welcome.

Source : Someecards