Drunk Dude Shoots D*ck Off While Messing Around With Gator

Gun safety 101… You don’t EVER point it anywhere close to your junk. That is the first thing. Second, why are you messing with a gator?! Get out of the swamp and put the safety on. Now you are dickless.

According to MTO: A Brazilian “redneck” is making international news – for reportedly shooting his pen*s off in a freak accident.

The man was Livestreaming what was supposed to be a “funny” video. In it, he tries to BASH a gator to death, using a rifle.

Unfortunately, the rifle was loaded and well . . . he’s not going to be having any more KIDS.

He blew it clean off. Karma for messing with the Gators?

Here is the video:

Source : Todaysdot