Dude Asks Internet for Help After Tinder Date Refuses to Leave After 3 Days

We have all dated a clinger. Maybe not from a Tinder match who we are both just there to hook up but we have all been in the clinger situation. Now before we go ragging on this girl I would like to give her some credit. If she’s homeless then she played the system just right. Get a warm meal and a nice hot shower and bail. Problem is she got too comfortable.

A user on Reddit by the name of MouthyMerc showed us exactly why you don’t f*ck crazy. Jennifer, who he matched with on Tinder, was just too tempting for him to pass up. Most likely just because he breasts and no action in 7 months but she was the one. He invited her over. Had a great time. Then she didn’t leave… for 3 days. This is her.

The initial post was accompanied by this statement from MouthyMerc:

“I told her earlier she had to go before bedtime cause I have to get up early for work. She asked me if she could stay for dinner and I said ok then she passed out and when I tried to wake her up to ask her to leave she said “no.. I’m too tired”. I’m a pretty nice guy and I hate confrontation.”

After starting to pick up steam on Reddit people starting putting their 2 cents on what he should do to get out of the situation. Apparently he hates confrontation and I don’t blame him. I am the same way. They imagine having to get aggressive with someone you just hooked up and argue with them to leave your home. Some people may feel a little scummy that way but after a certain amount of time you just have to man up.

After getting some helpful tips MouthyMerc came back with his first update and is contemplating calling the cops. He also showed proof of her in his bed asleep.


I’m waking her up in 20 mins and telling her she has to go. I think I might close out Reddit and call the local police as well to help her out.

After more deliberation with Reddit users he decided to say enough was enough and call the local police. At first they laughed but after getting all the details started taking the situation serious.


Waiting for local police to arrive so I can show them all texts and explain situation. Outside by her car and her tags are 2 months expired. This is going to be interesting.


Police are still here, she is out of my home but in the police car. Has outstanding warrants. They searched her persons and found a watch that I didn’t realize was missing, mail of mine and a few various other things. They are Searching her vehicle now.

I have pictures to post. Police have taken high interest after initially chuckling at the situation. I just want to sleep!


Wow. The responses are incredible. I got very little sleep and am at work now. After skimming through comments and messages I think a backstory, more details leading up to the police confrontation last night and future plans are due to you redditor’s !

It was a pretty crazy and at times very stressful situation that truly has me rethinking the whole approach to dating and dating “apps”. As well as myself.

I’m off work at 4pm est.

So the moral of the story is… get that tang and bounce. This guy could have easily have been murdered or identity stolen. We will keep this article update when more info comes out.

Tinder is a wild place. Sometimes you will run into some crazy people. Other times the worst pickup lines seem to work!