Dude Goes Insane After Girl “Breaks Boyfriend Rule” For His 21st Birthday Party

I miss college parties. They were easy to set up, everyone coming had one goal in mind (getting as drunk as possible for the least amount of money) and just having an overall good time.

This should have been the night of this guys party life. 21 years old. The bars for the first time and everyone there for him. The only problem, this dude was not like most people. He had some rules…

The girl posted the convo that went down on Reddit with the caption:
Nice guy tried to invite me to his 21st, goes off at me when I say i’m bringing my bf along.

Check out this epic meltdown. He went to the deepened. Jumped. Got out of the pool, went to the high dive and jumped again. Dude is insane. There is no way you are going to impress the ladies if you act like this.

Also, this was the first person you invited! You had plenty of other chances to hit it off with a single girl. Take a chill pill!