Father Chops Off Hands Of Teen Who Raped His Baby After Judge Does Nothing

A 25-year-old Indian father chopped off the hands of a 17-year-old who allegedly raped his 17-month-old daughter. Find out more this shocking story below. It’s very disturbing.

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A father’s revenge. In April 2016, a father in India chopped off the hands of a 17-year-old young man who was accused of raping his 17-month-old daughter. Parminder Singh, 25, sought revenge against alleged culprit, so he tied him to a tree and sliced off both his hands, before leaving him for dead by a canal. The teen was initially accused of sexually abusing the infant in 2014, after reportedly being caught in the act by the child’s mother, the Daily Mail reports.

A father’s revenge. After the alleged crime, the teen was sent to a juvenile remedial home where he would await trial. Then, on April 19, during an in-court appearance in the Bathinda district of Punjab, the baby girl’s father, Parminder Singh, said he was willing to forgive the teen and accept an out of court settlement in the form of cash as compensation. What’s more, Parminder even offered to drive the young man home on his motorbike.

A father’s revenge. But the vengeful father had different plans for the home-seeking teen. Halfway through the ride home to Kotli Ablu, a small village in Punjab where they both live, the Mirror reports, the father apparently abruptly stopped the bike. Instead of taking the 17-year-old back to his residence, the upset father tied the teen to a tree and hacked off both his hands with a machete. Afterward, the 25-year-old dad fled, leaving the young man screaming for help.

A father’s revenge. Parminder then reportedly ran back to his bike before riding off. The critically injured teenager was left shrieking for help, alone by a canal. Locals soon found the bloodied boy and telephoned police officials and the ambulance service.

A father’s revenge. Swapan Sharma, a senior police officer of Bathinda told AFP: “He (the father) took him near a dried up canal, beat him up badly and then tied him to a tree and finally hacked his hands off. Locals alerted police and we rushed to the spot. We picked him up, his hands, and took him to the hospital.”

A father’s revenge. Even after the hacking of his mitts, the 17-year-old survived. He is currently in stable condition, the Daily Mail and New York Post report. Nonetheless, his hands were not able to be reattached. Senior police officer Sharma told AFP: “There is nothing below the wrists now.

A father’s revenge. Sharma added that police are currently looking for Parminder, who has apparently gone on the run. If found, the father, who is a brick kiln laborer, will be charged with attempted murder. Of course, this is a decision that has been met with both applause and criticism (for obvious reasons).

A father’s revenge. In India, sexual assault is a major problem, coming in as the fourth most common crime against women in the country. In fact, 24,923 cases of rape were reported in the nation in 2012 alone, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. Out of these, 24,470 were committed by someone known to the victim — and nearly one in three victims were under the age of 18.

A father’s revenge. The Human Rights Watch projects more than 7,2000 minors — nearly 1.6 in 100,000 — are raped each year in India. Among these, victims who report their assaults are vulnerable to mistreatment and humiliation from the authorities. Accordingly, this is why so many victims — and family and friends of victims — turn to vigilante justice.

A father’s revenge. Subsequently, police corruption and delays in the judicial system turns into vigilantism or “mob justice.” For example, in November of 2014, an Indian father in his 30s tortured and killed his daughter’s alleged rapist before turning himself in to police. The deceased was apparently a tenant in the family’s home.

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