Father Uses Money He Put Away For Daughter’s Wedding To Build 90 Apartments For The Homeless

When it comes to being the father of the bride, some fathers save a bit of money to pay for the caterer, the venue and whatever else they want to gift to their daughter on her special day. Ajay Munot, a business tycoon from Aurangabad city in India, did something totally different for his daughter’s wedding. Munot had put away a nice little sum of money for his daughter’s wedding – something to the equivalent of $11 million.

Ajay Munot, a cloth and wheat wholesaler, is no stranger to wealth.
Because of his smart business skills he has made quite the life for himself and his family.

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This wealthy businessman decided to celebrate his daughter’s wedding by using 25 percent of his savings to create 90 homes.
These homes that sit on 2 acres of land cost him about $2.2 million and were given to homeless families. Although the bride and groom weren’t getting the cash anymore, they were both overjoyed with Munot’s decision.

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These homes are 12 by 20 feet and have two windows, are freshly painted and have electricity. Most importantly, these homes have access to filtered water.
The occupants of these homes were living in the slums, very poor and it was important to Munot that they have no addictions. He wanted to make sure that these homes went to those truly in need.

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Watch this video to see this kind gesture in action.
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