Girl’s ‘Dead People’ Rash From Tinder Date Will Haunt You

Tinder is a great place to score a last-minute date or a weekend booty call.

However, if you’re not careful, dating apps can also be a pretty good place to find some weird sexually transmitted diseases.

A woman named Jacqueline, who goes by the username “jaquezjaquezz” on Twitter, recently shared a story about an STI one of her friends allegedly caught from a Tinder date, and I should probably warn you, this story will give you nightmares for the rest of your life… or at least convince you to Google every person you make plans to go on a date with from here on out.

Jacqueline decided to dish out the deets on one of the craziest Tinder stories of all time.

Apparently, one of her friends decided to go on a date with a random dude from Tinder.

The date seemed to be going pretty well, and the two ended up getting a little frisky before finally parting ways.

However, when the girl woke up the next morning, she realized her date had left an unpleasant surprise all over her skin.

Like any responsible person who wakes up with a mysterious sexually transmitted rash, the girl notified her Tinder date and made a doctor’s appointment ASAP.

After a quick examination, the doctor determined this wasn’t the type of rash that’s caused by the typical STI and spent her to see a specialist.

Upon going to the dermatologist, the girl found out that a bunch of little parasites were the root cause of her nasty rash.

However, there was just one little problem with this particular type of parasite.

Apparently, this parasite can only be found in a guy’s semen if he’s been having sex with animals, or even worse, sticking his dick in dead people.

Apparently, the girl had a feeling that he wasn’t the type of dude that was into beastiality, so she decided to find out where he worked instead.

Surely enough, her suspicions were confirmed when a quick Google search revealed he worked at a morgue. Yikes.

But, can this really happen?

Source : EliteDaily