Haunting Photos Of Murder Victims Taken By Their Killers

The world is a scary place. Just when you think you’ve come to terms with the way of the world, something in the news messes it up. In every town in every state in every country, there are killers. Some have killed a few people, and some have killed more than most people can stomach. But even when it’s truly impossible to fathom, nothing compares to the weight of what the murder victims experienced. Keep reading to see haunting photos of murder victims taken by their killers, as compiled by Ranker.
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Sickening. Over the years, various killers have implemented photography into their murderous acts. They would take photos of their victims just before their deaths. Be aware that the photos you’re about to see are of actual victims just before their deaths. Proceed with caution.

Hanging. Before Anatoly Slivko killed his victims, he had a disturbing system of torture. His victims were young boys, and he would suspend them by ropes from trees. He would wait until they passed out, and after taking photos of them, he would implement various forms of torture to them, such as dismemberment and burning.

Regina Kay Walters. Before Robert Ben Rhoades kidnapped 14-year-old Walters in 1989, he snapped this photo of her. He then brought her into his semi-truck and locked her away in his self-made “torture chamber.” In the photo, Rhoades captured her genuine terror of the man.

Tara Calico and the unnamed boy. Though the identity of the culprit and the young, male victim are unknown, this is the last known photograph of Tara Calico, a young woman thought to be kidnapped in the fall of 1988. Though there’s no specific proof that either of the two in the picture were killed, the fact that they were never found has made officials assume the worst.

Unnamed victim. In the mid-1980s, serial killer Bob Berdella was as vicious as he was relentless. Before killing his victims, he would take photos of them. This was after torturing them, and before killing them.

Judy Ann Dull. Before she was killed, Harvey Glatman took this photo of her, bound and gagged. As it turns out, Glatman, a serial killer, would do this to all of his victims. Women would hire him to take photos of them, and though he would take pictures of them, it was only after tying them up and before killing them.

The Candyman. In the early 1970s, Dean Corll (better known as “The Candyman”) would lure children into his truck with promises of candy. However, once they entered his truck, he would photograph them, and then kill them. He murdered 28 boys in total, though a 29th victim is suspected.

Shirley Ann Bridgeford. Looking for love, Bridgeford met up with the aforementioned Harvey Glatman after meeting him through a dating service. He drove her around to show her some beautiful scenery, but ultimately tied her up, raped her and photographed her just before strangling her to death, according to Imgur.

Karen Sprinker. While Sprinker was in a parking garage, she encountered Jerry Brudos, the “Lust Killer.” There, he kidnapped her and forced her to pose in underwear for him. He then killed her just after the photographs were taken, and he later had sex with her corpse.

Todd Stoops. Another victim of Bob Berdella was Stoops. He was kept as a prisoner for two months before bleeding to death on account of constant episodes of anal rape. However, just before his death, Berdella injected Drano into Stoops eyes, but not before photographing his suffering.

Shari Miller. When Miller was approached by William Richard Bradford and asked if he could take photos of her, she agreed. However, right after taking these photos, he strangled her to death. When her body was eventually found in a dumpster, it was discovered that he had also cut off all of her tattoos.

Madyson Jamison. Before Madyson and the rest of her family were killed, this photo was taken of her, but it’s unclear who may have taken it. Their bodies were discovered four years after their deaths in 2009 in Oklahoma, but it’s unclear who took the photo, who killed them and why.

Larry Pearson. Yet another one of Berdella’s victims was Pearson. A male prostitute, Pearson was also kept in Berdella’s torture chamber, but apart from the other victims, he was reportedly tried to cooperate as best as he could. However, upon attempting to flee, he was murdered.

The “Dating Game Killer.” You may have already heard of Rodney Alcala, who was dubbe the “Dating Game Killer” after it was discovered that he was once a contestant (and winner) on the show. Before killing his victims, he would take photos of them, and this is just one of many.

The horror. Even though most of us have all become pretty desensitized to gore and horror, special effects are nothing compared to “the real thing, and these photos are more or less proof that. At the end of movie, you can remind yourself that those actors on screen had a hell of a time filming even the most disgusting scenes. But for the victims, there’s no excitement; just the grim finality of death.