Heartless 11-Year-Old Shoots Burglar And Then Laughs On TV

There have been a lot of viral news stories involving guns recently. In fact, there have even been other viral news stories involving guns and kids recently. The newest one revolves around an 11-year-old who looks like he belongs on a box of Life cereal. That is, until he opens his mouth and tells his story. Heartless 11-year-old shot a burglar and then laughed on TV.
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Story. The boy fired the gun 12 times when he came in contact with the intruder, or alleged intruder. The boy’s recall of the story quickly became big news.

The boy. The 11-year-old boy known now by the image of him wearing his red Nike hat, is named Chris Gaither. The 11-year-old lives in Talledega, Alabama.

Get out of my house. “I told him ‘get em’ and all that, with the gun,” is how the Internet video with the young man starts, although it’s not clear who he was talking to. He then says, “I told him, get out of my house.”

Action scene. If it weren’t for subsequent reports, one might have a hard time believing that story. What Gaither describes sounds like it’s straight out of an action movie.

The hamper. “I shot him through the hamper that he was carrying,” Gaither tells WVTM NBC13. Reports indicate that the intruder was indeed carrying a clothes hamper when he was confronted.

Full metal jacket. Internet coverage of the incident characterizes the boy as “cold blooded” or “bad ass” partially due to the way he talks about the incident. He says he shot him with a “full metal jacket.”

Crying. The most talked about moment in the interview is where the young boy seems to mock the interuder for his reaction to getting shot. Presumably, that’s the reason for the fervor over the video.

A little baby. After explaining how he shot the man “with a full metal jacket” Gaither says, “And he started cryin’ like a little baby.” His facial expression stays stiff.

Fake gun. “I guess he didn’t think it was a real gun.” Gaither says. “Because he didn’t worry about it. He just kept walking.”

Worry. At this point, a more adept reporter might have pointed out to the young man that he might not have kept walking because he thought the gun was fake. Rather, he may have kept walking because most people don’t expect 11-year-olds to shoot them.

Target practice. Gaither’s shot was apparently pretty dead on. In the interview, Gaither comments that he “plays zombies for target practice.”

Home alone. Gaither was home alone when the intruder appeared. He says that the man said to him, “I’m going to kill you and f- you and all that.”

12 Shots. However, it’s unclear whether or not Gaither was all that accurate since he reportedly fired the handgun at the burglar 12 times. He eventually hit the man in the leg.

Send off. Gaither finishes off the interview with a message. He looks straight into the camera and says, “I hope you learned your lesson for coming into this house trying to steal stuff.” He nearly giggles.

End. Talledega police have yet to release the name of the suspect or make it clear whether it was indeed a robbery. Meanwhile, the story has turned Gaither into a household name as the “cold blooded kid.”

Source : RebelCircus