Here’s what MySpace Tom has been up to while you’ve been wasting time on Facebook.

It’s easy to lose track of old friends, especially ones from high school, like MySpace Tom.

Forever in this pose, hopefully without a kink in his neck.
Twitter: @Myspacetom
MySpace Tom, also known as Tom Anderson, sold MySpace to Rupert Murdoch’s company for $580 million (FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS!!!) in 2005, and the 46-year-old has been living it up in retirement ever since.

The former entrepreneur has picked up photography in his ample free time, and now spends his days traveling and photographic the planet’s most stunning vistas.

He’s been in Hawaii.

Beautiful spot on Kauai – when the ocean is calmer people swim in the natural baths that form here.

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And Hawaii.


He spends a good amount of time in Hawaii.

Mountains of Oahu are underrated and incredible 😁

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MySpace Tom has also been down in Sydney. You can learn a lot of good trivia from his captions.

And Hong Kong.

And Manila.

Bro was in Burma!

Look at this damn paradise.

The dude is actually a very talented photographer.

Fun spot in London. Love this city! This is a combination of several long exposures 🙂

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Look at this Frozen-level ice palace.

He’s experiencing all the climates.

Sunset in the Saharan desert, as close as I've come to my Lawrence of Arabia experience 🙂

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And all the frickin’ wonders of the world.

Northern Lights in Iceland last December. Thinking of going back for summer 🙂

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MySpace Tom’s travel photography career started out in China.

Just look at this life.

Brilliant clouds formed over the Buddha in Thailand last month 🙂

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This is a real place and a real color of water.

Got that itch; I'm feeling starved for some spectacular scenery #tripplanning –shot this in Langkawi Malaysia

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“Dream-like,” indeed.

Dream-like secret garden in the Changyeonggung Palace, Seoul, Korea

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Meanwhile, Facebook Mark is working on an assembly line.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, April 27, 2017
I’d much prefer retirement.

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