Hunter Severely Gashed As Charging Lion Gets Revenge Right Before Death (Disturbing)

This poor lion took one more shot before going down. I hate people who hunt lions and other cool shit just for fun.

I wish the lion could have gotten a few more chunks out of his punk ass first!

I have no problem with people who hunt for food or even those who hunt for the sport when there are tags and rules in place. (See how much I know about hunting, I am sure to get shredded in the comments for that sentence) What I really mean is I HATE the douche bags who hunt like this in places like the safari.

Lions are dope, why you got to kill them.

This video shows the madness that can down when you run up on a wild animals territory. You piss it off, you better believe it will come charging at you. That is exactly what happened with this lion.

Check out the video below.

Here is a second video that was also posted on Facebook: