Husband Sticks Rolling Pin Inside Of His Wife As Punishment For Being Infertile

Infertility is something that can happen in both men and women and in certain circumstances, something that can be treated. However, it can be something very difficult to come to terms with nonetheless. Here, one unforgivable husband discovered that his wife was infertile and lashed out in anger against her, forcing a 40 cm long rolling pin inside of his wife as punishment. For days, the husband continued to torture the woman and it wasn’t until the woman nearly died that he decided to take her to the hospital.

Being infertile is not something you can control! What do you think should happen to this man after the crimes he committed against his wife? What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comments below!

Punishment. A 38-year-old woman had to have emergency surgery to save her life on Christmas Day following a vicious attack by her husband, who lodged a 40 cm rolling pin inside of her anus as punishment for being infertile. We cannot believe someone would go to these heinous lengths and think they could get away with it. Infertility is not a choice!

Torture. The woman told doctors that her husband had come home drunk three days before she landed in the hospital and tortured her. Then he’d locked her inside the house and threatened to kill her if she opened her mouth, reports the Daily Mail UK.

Fear. An X-ray was done on the woman but doctors couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until they performed surgery that they discovered the source of the woman’s pain. A spokesperson for the National Commission for Women named Amita Lokhani said she’d learned about the woman’s circumstances a day after she’d been in the hospital, but the victim refused to tell her the truth of what had happened, out of fear that her husband would do something to harm her.

Pain. “The woman was in a terrible condition when I first visited her. She was not only in pain but terrified to speak to anyone. I tried asking her what had happened but she did not say a word and kept crying,” said Lokhani, as reported by the Sun UK.

Confession. The victim’s husband had been present the first couple of times that Lokhani came to visit the home, but it wasn’t until her visit a few days later when the victim’s husband wasn’t home that she learned the truth. The woman confessed that she’d been tortured continuously by her husband because of her infertility.

Investigation. “He kept her locked in the house for two days until her condition worsened. He brought her to the hospital on December 25 however he went missing after we started investigating the matter,” said Lokhani, as reported by the Sun UK.

Shock. Doctors were equally as shocked when removing the rolling pin, saying they weren’t expecting such a large object to fit inside the woman. The woman’s intestines were so damaged from the rolling pin that she could have died from the seriousness of her injuries.

Damage. “The internal damage she suffered was very serious and she could have died. The size of the rolling pin was around 40cm long which is a big size to be inserted into a human body,” said Dr. Kedar Singh Shahi, as reported by the Sun UK.

Brave. Police are currently searching for the victim’s husband who is still on the run. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, doctors and those who worked with the victim have praised her for her bravery despite the fact that she’d been suffering for so long.

Recovering. “She came to us in a very poor state affected badly with septicemia. Her life was in grave danger but she is currently doing well and we’re positive she will make a recovery. She’s been a very brave lady,” said Dr. Shahi, as reported by the Sun UK.

Others. Shockingly, this isn’t the first case where a husband has abused his wife after she wasn’t able to provide children. In August, a man in East Africa cut off his wife’s hands after she couldn’t give him children because he was infertile.

Attack. Jackline Mwende was viciously attacked by her husband, who not only cut of her hands, but slashed her entire face. “I saw him, and he told me: ‘Today is your last day.’ I never thought something like this would happen to me,” said Mwende, as reported by the LA Times.

Infertile. Her husband Stephen Ngila, was upset that in their five year marriage, the couple had yet to conceive a child. However, Mwende was punished despite the fact that it was her husband who was infertile. In East Africa, this situation is not uncommon.

Abuse. According to the LA Times, 45 percent of Kenyan women have suffered abuse at some point between the ages of 15 and 49. Ngila is now in police custody, and the government is trying to help Mwende get prosthetic limbs so she can live her life independently again.

You. What kind of punishment do you think these men deserve for treating their wives so horribly over something they couldn’t control? Share your opinions with us!

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