Instagram Star Accidentally Live Streams Sex with Her Boyfriend for Three Minutes Before Noticing

Instagram star Kristen Hancher made headlines this week when she accidentally hit the live stream button on her computer while having sex with her boyfriend. The video streamed for three full minutes before she realized her mistake.

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Kristen Hancher and Boyfriend Andrew Gregory. Social media star Kristen Hancher is grabbing a new kind of attention today. The Instagram star accidentally shared an intimate moment with her partner with thousands of online listeners.

Social Media Maven. The social media starlet is known mainly for her posts on the app, but has also gained popularity among other social media platforms.

Following. The Canadian born teen has millions of followers – 3.9 million to be precise – but on this day, she shared her post with a measly 14,000 of those who happened to be online at the same time.

Instagram Hit. Reportedly, Hancher accidentally bumped her phone while bumping uglies with her beau, which set off a social media frenzy.

Accident? According to her later posts, Hancher didn’t mean to broadcast the intimate moment with her followers, but in the heat of the moment in bed, she managed to bump her phone just right and activate her Instagram Story while in bed with Gregory.

Young Love. The pair were apparently locked in a heated moment of passion and did not realize the error. For three minutes.

Listeners Got an Ear Full. During the streaming session, listeners heard three minutes of Hancher and Gregory in a very passionate moment.

Audio Included. The Instagram story included audio, but luckily her camera was not pointed in her direction. Those listening heard plenty of what was happening so we’re not sure a visual was necessary anyway.

Accidents Happen. Hancher immediately ceased recording once she realized her mistake. She has since tweeted and posted multiple messages on her social media platforms.

Face. Palm. In one of those awkward moments of realizing an error of epic proportions, Hancher did what any social media starlet would do: she took to posting on social media.

Oops. Hancher has asked her followers to please forget it ever happened and to be forgiving and understanding of her mistake. Sure. Sounds like a reasonable request to make of 14,000 social media trolls.

Social Media A-Buzz. Social media started buzzing with the sounds of her story almost instantly. You know what they say about social media – once it’s out there, it’s out there forever.

Apologize Sweetly. Nevertheless, Hancher tried to smooth things over with her viewers by posting comment after comment asking for followers to just move on. Hancher Tweeted, “But for real guys, sh*t happens. Accidents happen. You have to move on and pretend like it never happened and go on with your life. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

More Embarrassing Posts. Hancher continued posting after the incident ended, professing her embarrassment and asking people to forgive her mistake. “Whoever saw my live, I just wanna apologize; that was totally NOT intentional. Delete it from your mind. That was super embarrassing and super uncomfortable,” she Tweeted further.

Accident or Ploy? You have to ask yourself though, was this truly an accident? Or was this a ploy to gain more followers and social media stardom? You decide! Tell us what you think!

Source : RebelCircus