Kate Gosselin’s Alarming History Of Abuse Allegations

It’s hard to keep track of all the rumors, allegations, and drama that have surrounded Jon and Kate Gosselin since their divorce in 2009. One of the most alarming allegations from the couple’s trouble past, though, has got to be against Kate. Did you know that Kate was accused mistreating her son Collin while he was receiving treatment for his special needs?

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“Collin said something to the facility’s staff and it was reported to Children and Youth Services [CYS], which started an official probe,” a source told Life and Style magazine.

Collin, who is one of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets, was sent away from home to receive treatment to “learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be,” Kate said.

Despite the family’s positive attempts to help Collin, it appeared that Kate’s intentions may have not been the most pure.

‘We miss him so much, so it’s been hard because there is a huge hole in our family without him here,’ Collin’s mom had said, regarding his special program. However, according to Collin, Kate was abusive and mistreated her son throughout the treatment.

As soon as Collin reported that he had been abused by Kate, the boy’s father Jon was immediately notified, and a child abuse case was opened. Apparently, Jon did not have any information about his son’s location and worried “every single day for his son”.

Jon has said repeatedly in the past that his ex wife uses their children as pawns against him. He has reported that Kate provides a “controlling” and “unsafe” environment for their kids, and this abuse case regarding Collin is just one example. In 2016, Jon reported that he hadn’t seen Collin in over 2 years.

A source close to the family claims that while Kate’s controlling behavior extends to all 8 of her children, Collin has for sure gotten the worst of it.

“Jon used to have to grab Kate by her wrist to stop her from beating Collin and some of the other kids with a wooden spoon,” the insider revealed, adding that Collin has been treated differently than his siblings for years- he even had to eat and sleep separately.

Collin’s special needs coupled with so many children under one roof apparently was more than Kate could handle. She struggled with Collin for quite some time, and dealt with it in extremely unhealthy was. According to a journal entry from Kate, she forced Collin to sit in a corner when she couldn’t control him, and she punished him for doing things that she believed were done just to irritate her.

Mady and Cara, the older twins in the family, have referred to their mother as “dramatic” and “annoying”. Anyone who has watched Kate on television can clearly see that the matriarch has trouble controlling her temper. She frequently lashes out at her children, and struggled to maintain a calm, stress-free relationship with her ex husband Jon.

If the abuse accusations against Kate are revealed to be true, she could be facing some serious jail time. Will this family ever find peace and tranquility?