Kate Gosselin’s Recent Instagram Post Has Fans Seriously Worried About Collin

Even though Kate Gosselin is used to putting her life out there for the world to see, we wonder if she’ll ever get used to all the criticism she almost inevitably faces with every social media post. Recently, the mother of 8 shared some photos of her “fancy” family dinner at home.

“We got fancy this Friday for dinner … Chicken Satay, Thai Cucumber Salad and white rice,” she wrote.

“Yes, we ate on paper plates,” she added. “Made cleanup easier so we could get to dessert, our movie, and games.”

Kate was probably already prepared to catch some heat for using paper plates, but fans were actually more concerned about something else.

There were a fair share of commenters who bashed the use of sticks for the kabobs (too dangerous), the food she made (too dry), and of course, the plates (not sustainable). However, the main concern on everyone’s mind is Kate’s son Collin. The 13 year old was sent to a facility to better serve his special needs. It’s been about a year since Collin’s departure, and many fans are wondering when/if he’ll ever come home.

“Was Collin there?” one fan wrote.

“He was always one of my fav of you 3 boys,” said another, also questioning Collin’s whereabouts.

Kate has reported that Collin is “thriving” at his facility, but not seeing the young boy around all of his siblings has viewers worried.

That being said, Kate didn’t confirm or deny whether Collin was present at the family dinner, and a few photos of food doesn’t mean he is or isn’t there…or that he isn’t doing well.

With her whole life available for public scrutiny, it makes sense that Kate would want to keep some things more private, especially her child’s well being.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Collin in the near future!

Source : RealityDish