Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato both dressed up as Selena. They got very different reactions.

Pop star Demi Lovato slayed Halloween this year when she dressed up as legendary singer Selena Quintanilla over the weekend. The singer shared a photo of her look to Snapchat, and she looks like Selena’s long lost twin:

Demi’s Selena outfit was a huge hit on Twitter, where it was widely hailed as “perfection”:

A lot of people pointed out how startlingly similar they look:

But Lovato wasn’t the only celebrity to pay tribute to Selena on Halloween this year. Kim Kardashian, who tried to dress up as every single pop star over the course of four days, also landed on Selena Quintanilla as her fourth and final costume of the year.

Kim tweeted out a video of her modeling her costume, which she called her “fave” Selena:

Unclear if by “fave” she means that HER Selena is her favorite of all the Selenas, OR she means that Selena is her favorite of her pop star costumes. Probably the second but we’re talking about Kim Kardashian here so who the f*ck knows.Speaking of which, there’s more:

Kim Kardashian’s costume got a very, very different reaction than Demi’s did. Apparently Kim’s fave Selena is not the same as the internet’s fave Selena 😟😟

It’s unclear how many of these concerns relate to cultural appropriation (Demi Lovato is half-Latina, Kim “Kultural Appropriation” Kardashian is not), and how many relate to the internet having a lot of hatred towards Kim K.

But where there is Kardashian hate, there is always Kardashian love not too far behind. And some people are totally on board with Kim’s costume:

And this was a huge year for Selena costumes. Actress America Ferrerra also dressed up as the legendary singer, but it was for her TV show Superstore.

Basically twins. It's Halloween on @nbcsuperstore tonight and I am v. excited about Amy's costume choice. #Selena #Halloween

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I mean, everyone looks great. But I think we can all agree that when it comes to portraying Selena, J. Lo will always be #1.