Kim Kardashian is in trouble for her Aaliyah costume. And not because of the nip slip.

Halloween may seem like a time when rules don’t apply, calories don’t count, and anarchy rules the land. But when it comes to costumes, there are some limits about what is okay and what is not okay. For example, it is simply not okay for white people to dress in blackface. Nope, no way. Not ever okay. And many would argue that this rule extends to a white person dressing up as someone of a different race, i.e. white kids dressing as Moana.But of course, every year there will be people (read: white people) trying to push the boundaries of what is acceptable for costumes. This year, Kim Kardashian was one of those people. The reality star sported three costumes in total this year (so far!), all of them pop music idols: 1) She dressed as Cher. 2) She dressed as Madonna:

And 3) last, but not least, she dressed as late, great R&B singer singer Aaliyah.

“Baby Girl Aaliyah,” wrote Kim alongside an almost-NSFW video of her in the costume. Sure, that’s a pretty bangin’ costume. But it’s stirring up controversy on Twitter, where a number of people have pointed out why a white woman dressing up as a black woman is not okay.

So…Kim Kardashian can’t be Aaliyah for Halloween??

At the same time, others are arguing that this costume is fine, since Kim is technically not wearing blackface.
someone explain to me what’s wrong with Kim Kardashian dressing as Aaliyah….. she looks great.— king mj. 🐲 (@laciloser)

This guy feels so strongly about this not being cultural appropriation, he was forced to do the unthinkable and DEFEND Kim Kardashian. Poor man.

Others are pointing out that the reason people are coming down so hard on Kim might have more to do with Aaliyah being such a beloved icon.

While others think this is just the wrong hill to die on.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian, who is married to a black man and has two biracial children, has faced backlash for cultural insensitivity. Just this past June, she apologized after people accused her of wearing blackface in a series of promotional photos.
Maybe next year Kim should just dress up as a sexy cat like the rest of us lazy shitheads.