Little girl thinks bride is the princess from her book. Bride plays along.

Today’s story certain to make even the most stoic among us weep in to our coffee mugs was brought to us by Imgur user Skizzotrobzface (née Scott Robertson). He was in the middle of taking wedding photos with his bride-to-be last year, when their photo shoot was interrupted by the most adorable wedding photo shoot crasher ever (sorry, Bill Murray!).A toddler, who happened to be walking by with her mom, saw the bride and confused her for the princess in her favorite book. Warning: the photos you are about to see are devastatingly cute and may cause emotions.

“The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding),” Robertson wrote in the caption of one of the photos.So how did the bride react? She played along, giving the little girl a flower from her bouquet, which was very princess-ly of her.

That feeling when you’ve just received a rose from a real live princess:

Then she invited the girl to participate in the photo shoot, by photographer Stephanie Cristalli. Because that is what princesses do.

Got a case of the feels? Us, too. We warned you!

The photos went viral since Robertson posted them to Imgur yesterday. And no wonder. Because these photos make us feel like no matter what, everything is going to be okay. Because a real life princess bride walks among us.

We wish Scott Robertson and this princess/bride a wonderful, long and happy mawage.

Source : Someecards