In Love With the Coco: Snorting Lines of Chocolate to Get High Is Apparently a Thing

As if 2017 couldn’t get any more bizarre, snorting chocolate to get high is apparently a thing. Made by a company called Legal Lean, the product is called “Coco Loko.” Essentially, it’s snortable chocolate powder. We know what you’re wondering: but is that even legal? Apparently. Read on below.

The product. As mentioned above, the product is cheekily dubbed “Coco Loko” and is made by a company called Legal Lean, which, as you may have already guessed, sells lean that’s legal. Essentially, Coco Loko is snortable chocolate powder that can get you — yep, you guessed it — high. Well then.

But is it legal? In short, yes, Coco Loko is legal (for now). What’s more, the product is also drug-free— well, technically. And just in case you were wondering, no, it most certainly is not approved by the Food and Drug administration.

Marketing. As Men’s Fitness points out, Legal Lean markets the product as an “infused raw cacao snuff.” According to the company, the powder is jam-packed with gingko biloba, taurine, and guarana. These, as you may already know, are all ingredients you can find in energy drinks.

Effects. So, exactly what does the powder do? On its official website, Legal Lean claims that snorting the chocolate powder can give you a buzz similar to a runner’s high. Not to mention, a euphoria that can “help you gain a natural competitive edge.” Interesting.

Novelty. If you’re still reading this, it’s safe to say you’re interested in the product. Because let’s face it: chocolate cocaine (that’s basically what it is, let’s be real) is pretty frickin bizarre. Still, it begs the question: why not pick a Red Bull? Or better yet, why not do, like, actual cocaine?

Science. For now, let’s just stick to the legal stuff. So, why are consumers opting for chocolate snuff over energy drinks? In terms of science, Men’s Health reports, “substances get into the bloodstream faster through the nasal membranes than they do through the stomach,” says Richard Lebowitz, M.D., rhinologist and associate professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Science. Still, it’s safe to say that snorting chocolate is not a good idea. Like, at all. Lebowitz tells Men’s Health that “this actually hasn’t come up in my practice, but it sounds like a terrible idea, and nothing I’ve read makes me think otherwise.”

But why? Why is it a bad idea to snort some chocolate, you say? Well, let’s just begin by saying Coco Loko (ugh, we hate that it has a ring to it) isn’t FDA-controlled.

FDA-controlled. That said, a lot of supplements aren’t FDA-approved and this is because they’re not regulated like food or drugs are. “These substances themselves are not dangerous,” Lebowitz tells Men’s Health. “You’ll find cacao, gingko biloba, taurine, and guarana in supplements.”

FDA-controlled. The thing is, snortable chocolate hasn’t actually been really tested. In fact, no one really knows how it’ll even impact people’s bodies years down the line. Not to mention, “the active ingredients don’t need to be dangerous to have weird side effects—anything inhaled can cause side effects because of additives, Lebowitz says,” Men’s Health reports.”

The issue with inhaling. Of course, there’s the fact that inhaling anything can be a problem. Why? Because it can seriously f*ck up your nose. Like, big time.

The issue with inhaling. It should go without saying that snorting any foreign substance isn’t good for your poor nose. Beyond that it’s just, well, dumb, it can also lead to “irritation, inflammation, and foreign body-type reactions, since you’re not meant to inhale them,” Lebowitz says, Men’s Health reports.

The issue with inhaling. Because it’s a foreign substance, your body assumes it’s a threat. Seemingly, it can react in a number of different ways, including by giving you a stuffy, running, or bloody nose. It’s almost like you’re allergic to it, except you’re (most likely) not.

The issue with inhaling. “Your nasal lining is meant to clear substances, but if you fill it with some sort of heavy powder, I don’t know if it would form a thick paste that’s hard to clear,” Lebowitz says, Men’s Health reports. “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

The issue with inhaling. Keep in mind that snorting chocolate doesn’t only f*ck with your nose— it can mess up your entire body. “When you snort something, especially a fine powder, there’s also a chance it’s going to end up in your lungs as well,” Lebowitz explains, Men’s Health reports.

Bottom line. The takeaway? You probably (read: definitely) shouldn’t snort chocolate powder. Because let’s face it: no one wants to explain to their doctor that the reason they have chocolate particles in their lungs is because they decided to snort chocolate powder for fun. Seriously, that’s an awkward conversation no one wants to have.

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