Mama June Causes Major Disappointment With Her Lies About How She Lost So Much Weight

Fans of ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ were completely blown away by Mama June’s major weight loss transformation. The popular reality star formerly weighed in at a frightening 464 pounds, but is now down to a slender size 4. While Mama June was praised by Women’s Health and voted one of the best celebrity weight losers, there are many out there who aren’t all that happy about her weight loss methods.

For quite some time, Mama June denied undergoing bariatric surgery to help her shed those pounds, but during her appearance on “From Not to Hot”, it was revealed that she actually had. Though she worked diligently with personal trainer Kenya Crooks on the show, many viewers out there still had their suspicions.

Mama June’s transformation stunned her family, and the skin removal surgery, tummy tuck and breast implants that followed only made her weight lose journey even more drastic.

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While no one can deny that Mama June looks better than she ever has, it seems that most people aren’t falling for her stories. Mama June has claimed that she weighs 138 pounds, which people aren’t buying, and it doesn’t seem that they think she’s actually a size 4, either. Size 12 seems to be more believable for the star.

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What troubles so many viewers, though, is her disingenuous attitude towards bariatric surgery. There have many health complications reality to the weight loss surgery, and because she received so many cosmetic procedures following her weight loss, it seems to give people the wrong idea about truly getting healthy.

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Because bariatric surgery doesn’t exactly change the unhealthy habits of the patient or take the due diligence it typically requires to go through a major body transformation, fans and viewers were disappointed by Mama June’s stories.

At the end of the day, truly getting healthy requires a lot of work when it comes to diet and exercise. As her personal trainer Kenya Crooks taught her, swapping out water for sodas and fruits for sugary, processed snacks are great ways to start.

Though Mama June’s methods may not have been favorable with fans, there is no denying that she has definitely made some major changes. The only concern left his that her young daughter will end up following in her footsteps, and opting for surgery instead of learning how to stop overeating and change her habits.

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