A Man Dabbling in Ghosthunting Catches His Girlfriend’s Affair With His Son Instead

Many people believe in ghosts and hope to one day experience their own haunting. A man living in Australia was worried there was some kind of paranormal activity happening in his house. To try and catch proof, he set up a hidden camera in his kitchen. What he got proof of instead was something he had not bargained for.

Ghosthunting. (Due to legal reasons, none of the people’s names in this story were released to the public.) A man living in Australia purchased recording equipment in hopes of catching proof of ghosts in his home.

Some Kind of Proof. The man was excited to set up his new ghost hunting equipment. He set up one of the cameras to record his kitchen. One night he forgot to turn it off.

Unexpected Footage. As he was reviewing the footage, he saw something he didn’t expect. His 28-year-old girlfriend was recorded kissing and hugging his 16-year-old son. He was horrified by what he saw.

Heavy Petting. The kissing and hugging soon turned into sex. And it was all captured on camera. The man immediately confronted his girlfriend about what he had just witnessed.

Lies. His girlfriend immediately denied the relationship between her and the son, stating it had been a one-time thing. When the son was confronted, he admitted that he and the woman had had sex on multiple occasions.

Stepmother. The man and woman had been together for 11 years. The boy didn’t live with his father and her until he was 9 when she became his stepmother.

Betrayal. The man felt betrayed and completely horrified by what he had seen. She had been his partner for so many years, and she was the mother of their youngest child. He made the decision to get the police involved.

Arrest. The woman was arrested and charged with 5 counts of sex with a minor. It was later revealed that the affair had begun a year earlier around the time the son was about to start driving lessons.

Lessons. The woman had a slightly strained relationship with her stepson. He was a teen on the verge of some major life changes. He was getting ready to take driving lessons.

Reaching Out. She decided to take it upon herself to reach out to the kid. She went up to her stepson’s room to discuss his lessons. That’s when things took a strange turn.

Evolved. The conversation the two were having quickly turned from innocent talking to tickling. Then it evolved into kissing and then sex.

Age of Consent. During the trial the woman cried, saying she had believed the age of consent was 16 and not 17. At one point she tried to play down the incident as innocent cuddling.

Judgement. She told the court that she was ashamed and embarrassed of her actions. The judge responded, “You did that knowing full well it was unlawful. You have caused much disruption to this young man’s life.”

Confession. The woman confessed to the court the lengths she went to to keep the relationship secret. At one point she and the stepson had driven out of town to go have sex in a hotel room.

Sentence. She plead guilty to all 5 counts and was sentenced to 1 year in jail. Six months of the sentence would be suspended for good behavior.

Source : RebelCircus