Man Forgets Where He Parked His Car And Finds It Again 20 Years Later

Hands up who amongst us has parked their car, gone into the store and then completely forgotten where they parked their car 10 minutes later? Yep, that makes all of us then! There’s something about walking in and out of a building that makes the location of our cars just completely skip our mind entirely. But we always manage to find our vehicle in the end… well, most of us do!

In a feat of forgetfulness that will astound even those of us with the shortest of memories, a man from Frankfurt managed to forget where he parked his car for 20 years. No, not 20 minutes, not even 20 days, 20 years. Now I’m no stranger to the embarrassing lap of the car park while I search for my misplaced car, but how do you manage to lose a car for 20 whole years?

This is 2017, nowadays most of our gadgets find themselves for us. Our watches can make our phones scream their location at us and our phones can do the same in return. There are even some cars that sync with apps to let forgetful owners know exactly where they’ve parked. So it’s difficult to imagine that you could lose your car for two whole decades!

But that’s not the weirdest part of this story. Anyone who’d lost their car for 20 years might assume that it had been stolen, maybe even towed and crushed, and you’d move on. But not this motorist. This motorist recently discovered that their long lost car was ready and waiting to be reunited with them after all this time.

Yes, the car that the man had lost and forgotten about all those years ago hadn’t moved an inch in 20 years. Yep, the car was still sat in the exact same place that the man had parked it in in the first place, waiting for it’s owner to come back and drive it away. But how does a car get parked up for 20 years without anybody noticing?

The car hadn’t just been parked on a street, it had been parked in a garage that was due to be demolished. When builders discovered the car, they realised that they couldn’t complete the demolition duty without getting the rightful owner to remove the car first. Just like that, the search was on for the Frankfurt man who owned the vehicle.

The builders contacted the local authorities who managed to track down the original owner of the car to his home in Frankfurt. Naturally, the motorist was pretty surprised to find out that the car he’d missed for 20 years was sitting exactly where he’d left it the whole time! Although, isn’t that always what happens to all of us? You know when you come out of the supermarket that your car is right where you left it… wherever that is!

The motorist is now 76 years old and the police drove him and his daughter to the garage where he was reunited with his missing car. But unfortunately, the ending to this tale isn’t the heart warmer you’d hope it to be. If this was a Disney movie we’d be seeing an emotional reunion between car and man, but no, we live in the real world, not a beautifully animated fairy tale land.

When the man arrived at the garage, they discovered that the car no longer worked. Not surprising when you consider that it had been sat there for 20 years! Unfortunately, the owner no longer wanted the dysfunctional car and it was sent to the scrap heap. Anyone else find that a little bit sad? Just me? Okay then.

Despite how you feel about how the motorist eventually treated his poor lost car, you’ve gotta admit that it’s pretty amazing they were even reunited in the first place! I mean, I haven’t been reunited with the car key I put down on the sofa yet and I’ve been looking almost 20 whole minutes! If I have to wait another 20 years to find me key I’ll be pretty freakin’ annoyed about the whole thing.

Have you ever parked your car and completely forgotten where it was? What would you do if you found your car after 20 years? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

Source : AuntyAcid