Meet The Man Who’s Having An Affair With A $2,600 Doll

Love is a complicated thing, something that isn’t as black and white as you may have originally thought.

Centuries ago, there were very few people who married for love.

Thankfully as time moves forward, more and more people are able to marry or be with the ones they love.

Romantic, isn’t it?

Well, love is no longer restricted to couples of a different sex. We’re becoming more accepting about love in same-sex couples too. Oh, happy days!

But, one area most people still don’t understand is the love between a person and an inanimate object.

That’s right, there are some people out there who fall in love with buildings, with objects like their cars, dolls, and even robots.

To take their love to the next level there are some people who are willing to spend thousands on realistic life-size dolls, and there are even some people who are saving up for sex robots!

There are lots of stereotypes about men (and women) who fall in love with these ‘love dolls’ and sex robots.

That they’re sad, lonely, and unmarried or divorced. But sometimes that’s not the case at all!

Some of them are actually married, and their wives are actually ok with it!

Shocking I know!

I really hope Walt doesn’t get any ideas!

Meet the fifty-eight-year-old engineer James who has been happily married for 36 years.

Four times a week James indulges in a steamy love affair with a lovely blonde called April.

But don’t worry, he isn’t cheating on his wife! April is a latex sex doll.

April stands at 153cm tall, and she looks very realistic!

April is one of three sex dolls James owns, each one costing a whopping $2,600!

That’s a lot of money that could have been spent on wine or shoes or both!

But James isn’t done collecting yet.

He’s currently saving up for a $10,600 robotic sex doll called Harmony. She will look just like the other sex dolls, but she’ll actually be able to talk back to him, smile and will even be responsive while they’re in bed!

You have to admit that’s pretty impressive!

I wonder if I can get a robotic husband that will do the washing up?

James recently spoke out about his decision to buy a sex robot.

“Most manufacturers make them look something in the region of 20 years old.

“For a man of my age it’s a fantasy because I will never be a Brad Pitt or something like that.”

James doesn’t keep April or any of his other dolls behind locked doors either.

“When I take April out it’s usually to a hamburger place where we can stop and get a bite to eat, a lot of people don’t even notice she is not a breathing person.

“We usually have sex two to three, sometimes four nights a week routinely. It’s amazingly like having sex with a real woman, the biggest difference is whatever position you want them in you have to put them in, as they will not get there on their own.”

Jame stresses that the sexual aspect of his relationships with his dolls is only a very small part of it.

Jame says that he gets lots of pleasure from looking after the dolls, dressing them up, putting on their make-up and interacting with them.

“Most doll owners, although they do go into it with the doll as a sex toy, they find they do develop a relationship with it. If I had to choose between April and my wife I honestly don’t know what I would do.”

Matt McMullen, of The Real Doll Company and its associated business Realbotix, is the creator of James’ dream sex doll, Harmony.

This robot can actually ‘seduce’ owners and respond to questions.

Matt says:

“My original intention was to create a unique piece of art, something that looks so convincingly real that people stop and look at it.

“Potential clients were saying ‘I love your work and the way this doll looks, but can I have sex with it?’ It made me realise that this was going to be a business venture, not an art project.

“Fifty years from now, with the way technology is moving, it would not surprise me if sex robots were as commonplace as porn.”

The stories are part of a new documentary, The Sex Robots Are Coming, which airs on Thursday 30 November at 10 pm in the UK.

I suppose each to their own, as long as it’s not hurting anyone!

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