Meet the Woman Who Makes $300,000 a Year as a Stripper

Strippers tend to get a bad rap, but in reality, they are people just like us. They have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and at the end of the day, they’re just doing their jobs. While some dancers only strip part-time, others make it a full-time career. Here, one woman explains how after moving to Las Vegas to become a stripper, she began making about $300,000 in just one year of dancing.

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Stripper. The life of a stripper is anything but dull, and here, Michael Kaplan took to Thrillist to share the story of one female stripper who makes about $300K dancing in Las Vegas. Aside from being a stripper, the unnamed woman is also a model and ring girl.

Stripping. The woman explains how she started out going to a strict Catholic high school, where she began go-go dancing and making decent money. When someone suggested she try stripping to make more money, she was initially put off by it until finally, she decided to give it a try.

Money. “So, during Christmas break of my senior year, I told my mother that I had gotten a catering job and tried stripping at the club where my friend worked. I was scared, but I immediately enjoyed it. Plus, I was 18 years old and walking out of the place with about $500 for six hours of work. That was more money than I had ever seen before. I kept it in a pillowcase under my bed,” the woman tells Kaplan, via Thrillist.

Caught. Unfortunately not long after she started stripping, her school found out about it. She was threatened with suspension, but instead of asking for forgiveness, she decided to drop out of the school. As a result, she moved out of her home and began stripping full-time.

Rough start. “I loved it from the start, but it could be hard. Early on, I’d sometimes go into the bathroom at work and cry. Those were the nights when I’d be on stage four times, walk around the club practically naked, and nobody would buy a dance,” explains the woman.

Learning. But eventually, she started to get the hang of it. She explains that she began to know what to look for when it came to clients, and who was actually going to pay up instead of being a waste of time. She also learned a lot about club life and about the people you can and can’t trust.

Signs. “You learn what to look for, though. I figured out how to recognize within three minutes of meeting somebody whether or not it will be worthwhile to spend time with him. If his arms and legs are crossed, that is a bad sign. If he doesn’t offer me a drink: bad sign. And you learn from your mistakes,” she explains.

Traveling. After traveling around to different parts of the country, she finally landed in Las Vegas. There, she auditioned at a club and was immediately hired. At the time she was married, but eventually her lifestyle took a toll on the marriage and they split.

Strung out. “Before I came to Vegas, I saw girls taking things too far: they partied every night, drank every night, got into drugs. Drugs f****** take over. Girls fall asleep at work and go off the deep end. I have not seen that in the club where I work now. The girls there look like professional models. You won’t get hired if you’re strung out,” she explains.

Goal. Now, the woman says she has a set goal of money she makes per night. She’s able to reach this goal by knowing her clients and being able to hold a conversation with them. She also works in VIP rooms where she says she makes most of her money.

Connection. “Generally, when you sell a room, the guy wants to talk to you, get to know you, have fun. They want that connection, that fantasy experience. You give him a couple of dances but it’s usually not a guy wanting 60 minutes of dances,” says the woman.

Pros and cons. Like most jobs, there are bad sides to stripping. Dealing with rude customers, people who don’t want to pay, and so on. However, at the end of the day, she explains that she loves what she does and is willing to take the bad with the good.

Routine. “I realize that the money I make at stripping is not normal. Doing other things keeps me down to earth a little bit. I try to maintain a daily routine — going to the gym in the afternoon on most days, relaxing before work, saving money, making investments. When I’m ready to stop dancing — I’m not sure when that will be — I want to become a real estate entrepreneur,” she explains.

Future. The woman explains how in the long run, she hopes to one day own her own home. As of right now, she already owns her own car, which isn’t something a lot of 20 somethings can say they own.

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