Meet The Woman Who Spent $40,000 To Become The World’s First ‘Polish Barbie’

Everyone has their thoughts on beauty and what makes something beautiful.

Like they say, beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

But while we may consider someone beautiful and attractive that person may consider themselves hideous.

If someone isn’t happy with the way they look, they can change it. Either with makeup, a new hairdo, new clothes, or (in some extreme cases) plastic surgery.

From time to time most of us would have contemplated plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things.

While most of us admit it’s something we wouldn’t have done to ourselves, we still think about what we could have done.

Most people think about having their nose changed, or having a facelift, or even having a tummy tuck. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

I think about ordering a salad whenever I got to McDonald’s but I know I’m never going to do it.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you not to do something. It’s your life and body after all. However, I do heavily suggest that if you’re considering plastic surgery that you shouldn’t overdo it, and you should only do it if you want to.

It’s an expensive thing to have done, and it can sometimes go wrong.

Not only that but plastic surgery can become addictive.

You could be going in for a nose job but before you know it you’re getting a new nose, a new chin, new boobs, and even a facelift!

So it’s important that you don’t go crazy when having plastic surgery.

But this is a memo some people missed out on.

Some people go crazy when it comes to plastic surgery, which can cause people to look, stare, and make harsh judgments.

But at the end of the day, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, and they’re happy, who cares?!

Plastic surgery has its ups and downs, one of the upsides is that whenever someone does something completely insane with plastic surgery, they almost instantly blow up social media.

There are some people who are willing to go under the knife to try and look like a cultural icon, and they will often spare no expenses to do it.

Meet Anella An. She is a 25-year-old architect and part-time model who claims to be Poland’s first “living Barbie doll”.

Sounds odd, right? But it’s not as odd as the amount she’s spent on it.

Anella has spent an eye-watering $40,000 on plastic surgery in order to get the look.

She’s a self-professed “first Polish Barbie” and she even claims that her decision to undergo the procedures was totally “spontaneous”.

Maybe playing the spontaneous game with plastic surgery isn’t a good idea!

Anella has a big following on Instagram, but she claims that her Instagram page is just a ‘hobby’.

Unfortunately for Anella, many people have slated her on the internet, even referring to her as a “monster”.

Anella is originally from Poznań in western Poland, and her main goal in life is to “maximize her likeness” to Barbie, the plastic doll.

But, funnily enough, Anella wasn’t originally charmed by Barbie. It was only when she got older that she gained an interest in recreating Barbie’s iconic look.

She had her first procedure on her nose, and soon plastic surgery became an obsession she simply “couldn’t stop”.

She then decided to get surgery done on her lips and breasts.

Whenever most people look at her tiny waist, they think it’s the work of her plastic surgeon, but Anella claims it’s completely natural!

“It came about very spontaneously. It was not planned at all.

Everyone has a complex, even small things like hair or something you have to change, and I said that I would like to improve one thing, for example, my nose. And I did it. Then I thought about nice breasts and I thought why not, and that was the start.”

Anella is a big hit on Instagram, and she’s amassed nearly 40,000 followers in just a few short months!

She is even very frank about her appearance and understands it’s why she has attracted so much online attention.

“I like strange, weird, and unique things, maybe because I’m weird.

“I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic. People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside.”

But there are many people who believe her obsessive love of plastic surgery has gone too far, and that it’s become an unhealthy obsession.

However, Anella insists that her love of plastic surgery makes her happy, and hopes to one day achieve her dream of becoming a Playboy bunny.

I’m sure the late Hugh Hefner would be thrilled at the prospect having Barbie as a Playboy bunny!

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Source : AuntyAcid