Men With Small Penises Open Up About What Their Dating Life Is Like

Unfortunately, we live in a world where many people are judged by their looks rather than their character and personalities. This is especially true when it comes to dating. Certain people will refuse a date with someone simply because of their looks. Both men and women experience this, but oftentimes for men, the rejection can come a little later on— once their partner finds out they have a small penis. This can be a huge turn off for some, which can also mean it ruins the dating lives of many men. Here, 15 men on Reddit with small penises discuss what their dating life is life.

User Izta20. “There is no dating life when you are poorly endowed. But I’m also short and ugly, so that’s the actual reason why no woman will date me.”

User tenders11. “I only ever worry about it before the fact. I’m very confident in my abilities but I definitely have crippling insecurity when it comes to showing someone for the first time. I have had encounters end very badly because of it and it doesn’t feel good.”

Anonymous user. “I went through a lot of emotional trauma –and some physical assault– in high school because people learned I had a small penis from the gym locker room. The first date I ever went on ended with the girl sexually assaulting me, grabbing me by the crotch and then laughing out loud. Afterwards I experienced a new wave of humiliation after she began to tell everyone in her friend group and encouraged them to tell everyone they knew. I hate it. I hate living with this thing. If there is some woman out there who will tolerate me as a person long enough to allow me to have any measure of sexuality in her presence, she’ll never see my d*ck. Ever. I won’t allow it.”

User OstentatiousDude. “It f**king sucks. I have never actually finished a date before. Ever. The ladies get so appalled that I’m hesitant to show it to them at all on the first date. Heck, I’m hesitant to even talk about my penis on the first date. But I don’t want to keep secrets in a relationship.”

User eeyyan. “I always make jokes about it being a micropenis even though its average or a lil below. I like to think of it as something new for girls to hear. Normally they hear about how big a guys is and are left in disappointment. However, this way they’re like “hey, its not thaaaaat small” so yeah that self depreciation thing with d*ck size works in your favor!”

User 2cool4pool. “4” here. I’ve had multiple long term relationships (as well as flings) that have ended for reasons completely unrelated to size. Just started seeing a new girl a few weeks ago and things are going great (including sex).”

User chopmeatsandwich. “I have a constant sense of inadequacy. I feel as if I’d be an exponentially better lover had I better equipment but at the end of the day, my girlfriend is more than satisfied with my anatomy and begs me to stop being so negative. Truth is I’ve seen what my friends are packing and it’s always in the back of my mind that I’m small.”

Anonymous user. “Honestly, it doesn’t impact my life at all. When I was a little younger, like 16, 17, it used to bother me. Then I stopped thinking about it, and eventually stopped caring. It has exactly two functions to serve, both of which it (as far as I know) performs admirably. I anticipate that at any given point in my life, there will be exactly 3 people who should have any particular interest with it: me, my SO, and my doctor. As long as those other two don’t have any concerns, why should I?”

User Tulazii. “Well mine is 5 inches when normal and it’s not great. Pants that don’t make my schlong look 30 feet are rare, also some pants are really uncomfortable. I would rather have an average one tbh, but that’s life. It impacts my life on the negative more times than i like to admit.”

User metoometoometoo. “My highschool and college years were very tough. I was a good looking kid, and I passed many opportunities to sleep with women because of the size of my pecker. It shaped who I was at the time. I was always labeled as the nice guy. Not to gloat but women and my buddies couldn’t understand why I would pass up the opportunities that were thrown my way.”

User not_well_hung. “basically, I don’t f***ing care. I work out, I eat healthy, I’m decently successful and don’t validate myself by my dick size. I am only about 4 inches, but that’s enough. I’ve never had a girl complain about it, and I’ve given more than my fair share of vaginal orgasms.”

User HonoluluLion. “I’d like to experience sex some day soon (20 y.o.) but the thought of having to be naked in front of a chick makes me queezy and EXTREMELY anxious to the point where I may pass out if I ever tried to have sex lol so yes crippling insecurity is an understatement for me.”

User GoGoGo_PowerRanger94. “Non existent :/. I’m 21 and still a virgin ffs, im short and have a small, thin d*ck. I feel like nothing I do can ever really fill this empty, huge void in my life and make up for this soul crushing, jading, anger inducing, depressing sense of inadequacy, exclusion and rejection.”

User jibunkakume. “I’m not exactly small, more average, but I can go out and land an underwear model despite looking like shit.”

User coryandtrevorforever. “I accepted my destiny. After a lot of humiliation, heartache, and sleepless nights, I was able to come to terms with my circumstances. I thought, you know self, you can keep putting yourself through these painful “relationships” or you can spare yourself the misery. I don’t date or get involved anymore and life has been easier. I focus on being a good guy and doing my thing.”

Source : Rebel Circus