Mia Khalifa Gets Roasted After Making Fun Of Dallas Cowboy Fans On Twitter

Mia is a known Twitter troll. She has done this to multiple people almost if it was her new job. There is a big problem with going after someone on the internet. Your past can come back to bite you. And when you have Mia’s past… You are giving the trolls lots of ammo!

Years ago a pornstar named Mia Khalifa shot up the charts. She quickly became the #1 rated pornstar in the world. She didn’t appear in a lot of films and quickly retired. During her exit, a lot of people really started to join the hate train. They got really tired of Mia and really hated seeing her in the news. Then she started taking shots at people online, which left her open to for some classic roastings!

Now she is a die-hard Redskins fan, and today took an unwarranted shot at the team’s rival fans.

Here is what she tweeted out which I thought was actually pretty funny.
“I’d rather date a vegan than a Cowboys fan”

Her tweet instantly backfired after she got roasted by fans of nearly every NFL team.