Mom Who Viciously Stomped Child To Death Goes To Prison, Inmates Return The Favor

A woman was sentenced to prison after she was found guilty of murdering her own daughter. Fellow inmates decided that prison wasn’t punishment enough for her heinous crime, and decided to take matters into their own hands. Beware: this is a gruesome tale.

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Crime. Her crime was deemed cruel and evil by the father of the child that was brutally murdered by her own mother, Kathryn Smith, who was sentenced to life in prison.

Evil. “It’s pure evil, no punishment is good enough and nothing will bring AJ back and I will always be left with the guilt that I wasn’t able to protect her,” said the toddler’s father, Ricky Booth, as reported by the IBTimes UK.

Injuries. Smith, along side her boyfriend, was found guilty of child cruelty after causing injuries to her daughter that were so bad, experts said they were akin to those of someone who had been in a severe car accident.

Signs. The Derbyshire social services is also under criticism for failing to see the obvious signs of child abuse while the child was under their radar. The child, Ayeeshia Jane Smith, was returned to the custody of her mother after the short time that she was under the care of social services.

Sentence. The crime was so horrific that police working the case expressed that they felt her sentence was well deserved. “I welcome the sentence. The death of a child is a tragedy no matter how it happens. Ayeeshia suffered horrific injuries and her life was cut short by the one person who should have kept her safe. The punishment needed to fit the crime, in this case,” said detective Andy Maxfield, as reported by the IBTimes.

Slash. It seems that police weren’t the only people who felt that Smith deserved to be punished. The 23-year-old was attacked by fellow inmates and was given a 2 centimeter slash across her face, reports the Mirror UK.

Attack. Along with the slash, Smith was also punched and stabbed for a little under five minutes at Foston Hall women’s prison while several other inmates watched her scream in pain.

Talk. “There had been a lot of talk about attacking Smith, but most people wouldn’t go through with it as they don’t want time added on to their sentences,” said one of the inmates who watched the attack happen, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Sympathy. The attack happened in a stairwell where there were reportedly no cameras, however it’s possible none of the staff would have done anything to stop it, as most both inmates and staff alike had no sympathy for Smith.

Karma. “No one had any sympathy for Smith. Some staff were saying, ‘What goes around comes around,’ ” says a witness, as reported by the Mirror UK.

Evil. Smith isn’t the only mother who has killed her children for reasons besides being purely evil. Mitchelle Blair was charged with murder and torture after she killed two of her children.

Eviction. Both bodies of Stoni Ann Blair and Stephen Gage Berry were found in Blair’s freezer while police were carrying out an eviction in Blair’s apartment, reports the Daily Mail UK.

Murder. Blair strangled and suffocated her children, and then made one of the other surviving siblings stuff their bodies in the freezer. Upon her arrest, Blair admitted to having killed both of her children saying “They’re both dead! I did it!”

Torture. The surviving siblings said their mother would constantly beat them with an extension cord and planks of wood, a hot curling iron, and even punished Stephen by putting him in a hot tub of boiling water.

Sentence. Blair got a life sentence without parole, and seemed to show no regret in her actions. “As horrendous as everyone thinks I am, that’s fine. But I’m the only one not lying about anything,” she said in court, reports NBC News.

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