Mother Cuts Off Penis Of The Man Who Molested Her Son

An Indiana woman reportedly sliced a captive man’s penis with a box cutter, The Huffington Post reports. Her reasoning? The man had allegedly molested her 2-year-old son. Read on below to uncover more details surrounding the case.

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Mother cuts penis… An Indiana woman who cut a man’s penis off with a box cutter will receive no jail time, The Huffington Post reports. Bonita Lynn Vela, 35, pleaded guilty to confinement and battery after the attack occurred in December, 2013. Police reports indicate that Vela, who’s from Johnson County, accused an 18-year-old man, who was her daughter’s then boyfriend, of molesting the suspect’s 2-year-old child.

Mother cuts penis… According to The Huffington Post, the victim denied molesting the 2-year-old boy. When interviewed by authorities, Vela said she’d become suspicious and paranoid after smoking marijuana. WXIN repots that Vela had a friend bring her daughter’s boyfriend to her trailer home around 3 A.M. on a Saturday night. Once he was there, she demanded to know if he’d molested her toddler or messed around with her daughter.

Mother cuts penis… The victim detailed the scene, describing Vela as “extremely mad,” according to Johnson County sheriff’s deputies. Vela and the two other suspects, who were not arrested, reportedly held the man in the woman’s trailer near Franklin, Indiana. He remained there for more than three hours, The Huffington Post reports.

Mother cuts penis… It was during those three hours that at one point, Vela allegedly told the victim that she “wanted to scar him so that he would have to look at it every time that he had sex in the future.” She reportedly told the 18-year-old that she’d let him leave — but only if she could cut his penis. The victim told police that Vela initially stabbed him with a fork.

Mother cuts penis… After Vela stabbed the victim with a folk, she realized she couldn’t draw blood. It was at this point that the mother decided to switch her weapon for a box cutter. The victim told police that Vela said “he would have to choose his life or his penis,” The Huffington Post reports.

Mother cuts penis… The victim chose his life. Afterward, Vela reportedly “cut him deep” with a box cutter. She then let him go. While the man was treated at a local hospital, the extent of his injuries were not released at the time. To date, it is unknown whether or not the 18-year-old suffered permanent damage.

Mother cuts penis… While it sounds like Vela was trying to protect her child from a potential sex offender, she did admit to smoking marijuana before the attack. In addition, she told police she had ingested “other drugs” as well. This, of course, could have impaired her judgement and perception of the situation, leading her to attack the victim’s genitalia with a box cutter.

Mother cuts penis… At the time, the 18-year-old said he thought the trio would “go to great lengths to hurt or kill him,” The Daily Mail reports. According to him, one of the assailants had filmed incident which left him with a deep cut to the penis. Meanwhile, Vela told investigators that she only meant to scare the young men, and that she never intended to hurt him with the weapon, which is generally used to cut type that holds boxes together.

Mother cuts penis… At the time, the victim told police he was afraid that Vela or her friends would come after him to hurt or kill him. Vela faced preliminary charges of battery with a deadly weapon and criminal confinement with a deadly weapon. Ultimately, she was sentenced to just 10 months of home detention, followed by another six months of probation, according to The Huffington Post.

Mother cuts penis… Reactions to Vela’s light sentencing were mostly negative. Over on The Huffington Post, a Judie Wilk-Tymec wrote: “This sentencing is ludicrous, if a man perpetuated this crime on a woman and was given anything less than years in prison there would be outcries from every women’s organization, and this would be the top story from every news outlet on this earth. It is way beyond time to publicly acknowledge that men suffer from emotional trauma just as they hurt physically. Men are far less likely to get appropriate services because of the inane need to ‘Be Strong’, and judges who hand down a sentence that is essentially an adult ‘time out’.”

Mother cuts penis… Many have defended the mother’s actions, however. A Sommer Dawn Duncan wrote: “Of course another case of the media adding the extra bits. This woman is my aunt. She was not high when she done this and he whipped his pens out to taunt her when he got it cut not “cut off” your going to tell me as a parent when you walk in and a man is rubbing his erect pens against your child you wouldn’t react violently. This was all misconstrued and is really far off from what really happened.”

Mother cuts penis… Another user commented: “The crime started against a child , she just stood up for the helpless victim ! I say he got some of what he deserved!” Still, any lashed out against the woman’s vigilantism. A Leesha Olivier said: “This is another instance of the double-standard. This woman needs to be locked up for assault with a deadly weapon. Vigilantism is still illegal.”

Mother cuts penis… Others found the suspect’s lenient sentencing suspicious, to say the least. “The other two involved weren’t charged from what I’ve found out from the sheriff’s office,” John Adleman shared on The Huffington Post. “The charges in this case were conspicuously lenient to the extent that this case should get the DA removed from their position, as well as the arresting officers involved.”

Mother cuts penis… Meanwhile, many noted that if the 18-year-old did, in fact, molest her son, then they were in support of the sentencing. A Kathy Busse wrote: “If he molested her son than I am all for her sentencing . The system fails victims of molestation everyday. So good for her.”

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