Mother Locks Her Autistic Child In Closet For 3 Years Until He Dies, Stepfather Had No Idea The Boy Was There

A California mother is behind bars after it was discovered that she’d been keeping her 11-year-old autistic son locked up in a closet for three years. She’d been sedating him with cough syrup and starving him up until the point where he only weighed 34 pounds at the time of his death, a weight typical for a four-year-old, but certainly not an 11-year-old. The mother kept her son so well hidden that she had the boy’s step father convinced that he didn’t even live there. Now the mother is being charged with child abuse and murder charges.

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Death. One of the most frightening things you can read about in the news are these tales of children neglected, abused, and even killed by their own parents. Yonatan’s story is one of those truly heartbreaking tales. Yonatan Daniel Aguilar spent the last few years of life locked up in a closet space so small he couldn’t even move his legs. He was starved, neglected, and sedated with cough syrup by his own mother until the day of his tragic death.

Hidden. For years, his mother Veronica Aguilar told anyone who asked that she’d sent her son to live in Mexico when the entire time he was still living in a closet in her home. Not even the boy’s stepfather, Jose Pinzon, knew that the boy was in the house. The only people that knew of Yonatan’s actual whereabouts were his three older siblings, who police say were too afraid of their mother to tell anyone the truth.

Discovery. On the day of the boy’s death, Veronica Aguilar told Pinzon that the boy had died. Pinzon said he expected his wife to tell him she’d be going to Mexico for the funeral, but instead, she led him to the closet. This is where Yonatan’s 34-pound body was found wrapped up amongst a spread of cups filled with cough syrup, reports the LA Times.

Police. “I took care of the problem by ruining my life,” Aguilar told Pinzon. Upon seeing the boy’s body, a heartbroken and panicked Pinzon ran to a nearby 7-11 and called police.

Confrontation. The LA Times reports that Pinzon was then informed that his three other stepchildren knew about the boy living in the house the entire time. Pinzon confronted them saying, “How can you do this to me?” To which one of the children said “You were always at work, so you didn’t know.” Immediately, Pinzon burst into tears and said, “I carry a photo of him in my wallet. I’m the only one that cared for him,” reports the LA Times.

School. Before his death, Yonathan had been last seen in 2012, when he was still attending school. However his mother pulled him out of school because she said she was tired of child services coming to her home. The boy’s teachers called the Department of Children and Family Service several times, particularly after one occasion where the boy showed up to school with a black eye and an insatiable appetite.

Offense. Aguilar reportedly felt offended that DCFS were constantly showing up at her house. “Ms. Aguilar stated that she took offense to the allegations. Because she is trying very hard to help her son Yonatan,” said DCFS records.

Lost track. DCFS reports were released that showed social workers had come to the home several times and were aware that Yonatan was in a potentially dangerous situation. But despite this knowledge, social workers and instructors lost track of the boy’s whereabouts and he wasn’t heard from again after his mother pulled him out of school, reports the LA Times.

Dumbfounded. “We talked to the school nurse, the school doctors, school counselors, the teachers, everyone, including the LAPD investigators, who all said everything was OK. We were very surprised what occurred here. Our social workers were very distraught…There is no way to predict this occurring,” said DCFS Director Philip Browning, as reported by the LA Times.

Living situation. Aguilar and her children moved homes several times. It was most recently that the family lived in a small one-bedroom home where Aguilar and Pinzon slept in the living room, one child slept in the shed in the backyard, and two other children slept in the bedroom where little Yonatan was locked up.

Clueless. Pinzon however, maintains that he had no idea the boy had been living in his home all along. He has since started to piece things together by telling DCFS that he found it strange Aguilar was constantly asking him to buy cough syrup when he went out despite having very little money.

Cough syrup. “He said that any time he would go to the store, the mother would ask him to bring the syrup. He would ask her why she was buying syrup, if they did not have money,” said DCFS records, as reported by the La Times.

Troublemaker. One older sibling told police that his mother refused to talk about Yonathan because he was a “trouble maker” who would consistently act out in school. Investigators report that they believe Yonathan had an undiagnosed form of autism.

Charges. Aguilar is currently in jail where she has been charged with child abuse and murder charges. She has plead not guilty, but if she is convicted, she is facing anywhere from 15 years to life in prison, reports the New York Daily News.

You. Do you think this mother deserves more or less time in prison? Do you think Yonatan’s older siblings are just as much to blame for Yonatan’s death? Be sure to share your opinions with us!

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