New Mom Forced to Provide DNA of Deceased Father of Her Child in Order to Prove His Name Should be Added to the Birth Certificate

Samantha Thomson, a new mother, was shocked to learn her daughter’s father’s name was not added to the birth certificate after the birth of their daughter. After discovering he had passed in his sleep while Thomson was 7 weeks pregnant, she went on to deliver their daughter alone. Thinking the hardest part was behind her, she was shocked to learn authorities were now forcing her to prove her deceased partner was indeed the father of their child before allowing her to add his name to the birth certificate.

Unmarried. The case has come about due to the couple being unwed at the time of his passing. According to the legal parameters, a father cannot be named on a birth certificate without DNA testing proving he is the father if the parents are not married at the time.

Family Backing. Thomson has stated she and Vergo had been trying to conceive and he was elated at the news of becoming a father. His family has backed Thomson’s claims and stated he “was so looking forward to being a dad.”

Matt Vergo. Vergo and Thomson had been living together at the time of his passing. While they were not married, they were eagerly anticipating their future family plans.

Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. According to the official reports, Vergo passed away in his sleep of Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome. It causes cardiac arrest in otherwise seemingly healthy individuals.

Awoke to a Nightmare. Thomson awoke the next morning to find she was unable to wake Vergo. He had passed in his sleep when Thomson was only 7 weeks along with their daughter.

Pregnancy. Thomson went through the remainder of the pregnancy alone and grieving. Vergo had only seen one ultrasound of his daughter before he passed.

Staying Strong. Thomson had to remain strong in the face of grief. She couldn’t risk losing her daughter as well. She tried remembering him smiling to keep herself healthy for their daughter. She recalled, “his smile was as wide as his face” when he saw his daughter during the ultrasound.

Baby Thea. When Baby Thea was born, Thomson was shocked to see Vergo’s name was not listed on the birth certificate. She states she had been told previously that she would only need his death certificate in order to have his name added to the birth certificate.

Requirements. After visiting the Durham County Council to have the issue corrected, she was informed she would need a lot more than just his death certificate. She would need to supply DNA proof of his paternity – a rule that was put in place for unmarried new parents with no specification for whether or not the father was deceased.

Post-Mortem Paternity Testing. Paternity tests obviously require DNA which is a bit hard to come by after one has passed. Thomson stated, “I still have a lock of his hair that I could use for DNA. Otherwise a family member will have to step in.”

The Fight. Thomson added, “Thea is the last part of Matt we have. His family are devastated and they deserve to see their son’s name on their granddaughter’s birth certificate.”

Time Constraints. In addition to the roadblocks thrown by the required DNA testing, Thomson says she was told she will also have to petition parliament for the change. She has one year to have the process completed or she will no longer have the option to have the birth certificate changed and his name added.

Pushing for Change. Thomson says she wants to follow through with the requirements, regardless to time constraints or cost. “If I can get this for us, I hope I can work to get a change so other people don’t have to and are aware of it,” she stated.

The Reply. As of today, there have been no changes in the procedures but filings have been made. A representative from the county told reporters, “The procedure for including a deceased father on a birth certificate where parents are unmarried is set out in legislation and requires approval from a court; unfortunately the registrar has no discretion in these cases.”

The Fight Continues. Thomson has stated she will continue to fight to have her daughter’s father’s name added to the birth certificate. Her mom added in support, “I think this is disgraceful, especially when someone is grieving.”

Source : RebelCircus